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Welcome to the Safe Waters Foundation in Second Life!  Mers Helping Mers be Mer since 2008!

Over the last couple of months, SWF has been moving our inworld headquarters to a new location. The move impacted our activities, because the first priority of the Administrative Team and our volunteers was to get everything settled and rolling in the new location.

We’re almost done, and then we’ll have the time, energy and space to breathe! Our team will be able to start evaluating and implementing the ideas and suggestions that have reached us over these last weeks. Please continue being patient as we work to keep Safe Waters Foundation a model for communities all over Second Life!

Feel free to join the other seafolk on Discord!

We post the unedited transcripts of our weekly SWF Gatherings here! If you remember hearing about something at a meeting, visit the page, select the meeting, and use the Find in Page feature (available in most browsers) to search for the keyword you want.

DID YOU KNOW that the mers of SL are a model for intraspecies communication? Read the abstract of a 2015 study featuring our mer community right here at!