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ABOUT THIS INFORMATION: Everything about the Hangouts was obtained directly from the owner/manager of the location; your Webmistress edits only typos and formatting.

If you are a Hangout owner, please check your listing and send errors/additions/corrections inworld to Selina Otsuka; she will update the Notecard and send the changes to me.

If you visit a Hangout and find it is different from the description, please contact the owner first; they should check their listing and send corrections to Selina.

If you have other questions/comments about this Website, please send a notecard inworld to WebMerstress Dana Enyo or Email .

SWF Hangouts are areas designed for underwater citizens to explore and have all sorts of fun. Be you an aquatic creature or an air breather (we recommend the use of SCUBA gear in this case), we encourage you to explore the wonderful areas listed below with all of your friends!

Not sure what the Maturity Ratings mean?  Visit the official Second Life page.

Very sad to announce that Matticus Blinker’s sim Rosehaven Seafolk Sanctuary has closed. Matt shared at the Saturday, November 19, 2022 Help Gathering (see transcript for all the discussions) He shared his gratitude to all the merfolk and sea creatures that supported him and Rosehaven – – whether that was renting homes, running stores, participating in our photo contest, DJing parties or attending.

Matt has also produced a video he had commissioned on the sim before it closed
Matt shared his gratitude to all the merfolk and sea creatures that supported him and Rosehaven – – whether that was renting homes, running stores, participating in our photo contest, DJing parties or attending them.

SWF wishes to express our strong support for Matt’s community development and applaud everyone’s efforts. Matt is an incredibly talented and we are sure new opportunties will soon be visible and celebrated. We strongly recommend him to mer sims of the future.


Rating: Moderate
The Aquamarine Bay sandbox is a mer-oriented sandbox with relaxing music and 60-minute autoreturns so you can float and work on your mer outfit or tail at your leisure.

Please no child avatars or lewd bits on the sandbox, and remember to clean up your items when finished.


Rating: Moderate
Description: Deep breath and take the plunge into this beautiful medieval fantasy roleplay sim. In this elven world meets fae wyldes, there’s a place for everyone! (Yes, even you seawees!) Come explore the gorgeous underdark themed mer area, frolic by the river, or wear a magic bubble included in the group gifts to explore the surface! Come join the fun! ~ ♥


Rating: Moderate
Description: A Bellisserian house boat has been transformed to provide a place to gather and relax for Merfolk. The information and freebies provided make this a good stop for those looking to learn more about life under the sea. When you’re done relaxing, just dive into the water to explore the Bellisseria continent.
Be sure to pick up the complimentary Mermaid Breathing Bubbles and Mermish Translator in the boat house while you are there.


Rating: Moderate
Description: Looking to drown your sorrows? How about a quiet swim through an underwater sculpture garden dedicated to merfolk? Bernie’s got you covered! While Bernie herself might away chasing boats, she invites you to enjoy this shared space.


Rating: Moderate
Restrictions: Tops required
Description: Beneath the waters of Calas Galadhon’s beautiful NEW SANTOINI build lies the vast underwater paradise, LOST GARDENS OF THERA.
Inspired by the beauty of what lies beneath our oceans mixed with a bit of the magic, myth and the fun that CALAS is known for, you’ll find the perfect place to relax, dive, swim, gather with friends and lose yourself in it’s serene waters.
The gardens include The Temple of Thera, one of Calas Galadhon’s live music venues complete with mer and traditional couples dances.
Be sure to explore NEW SANTORINI & take the CALAS Undersea Tour


Rating: Moderate, no child avatars


Description: My mer grotto, settled in away from the madding crowds. A place to dream and get lost in yourself. Let the cool white sandy paths be your guide to paradise and peaceful serenity. Look out for the mystical music stones and the radiocative crab.

**Please use shared environment. Go into preferences/ graphics/ rendering and set Glow to “1“. Then in Pref/graphics/general make sure Advanced lighting is checked and in Shadows set to Sun.Moon + Projectors. Make sure to click OK to close the Preferences window (not the “X” in the top right corner) to save your settings!


Rating: Moderate
Description: Creations Park is a private region that is inviting both above and below the waves with plenty of places to enjoy, take photos, and even shop! The entire region is waiting to be explored by water and dances are held every Tuesday at Noon (12pm SLT) in the Octopus’s Garden.


Rating: Moderate
Description: Come surprise a few diving students in this dynamic underwater environment used to teach RL divers with accurate scuba simulations. This immersive underwater world is also promotes awareness of the importance of preserving our aquatic world through the exploration of its tropical reefs, kelp forests, underwater caves, and more!


Rating: Moderate
Description: An open water Mer garden on the mainland just waiting to be explored! Swim or dance in kelp forests, sunken ships, go shopping. Mer dances held every second Saturday between 6pm and 8pm SLT by DJ Cynthia Maine. Games for 1-4 players can be played in the mer meeting area.


Rating: Moderate
Restrictions : Tops required
The Selkie Sea is the lovely Mer area of The Faery Crossing, a Fae community with 6 sims.
Exploring is encouraged and you’ll find more under water beauty all over the sims.
Some lovely rentals are also available.
Be sure to join the group for updates on regular friendly events.
Mer Dances are held every 1st Sunday at 1pm SLT with DJ Shay Sunnyside.


Rating: Moderate (No nudity, please.)
Description: A community of sailing enthusiasts, the Gull’s Wing marina has devoted underwater areas to merfolk spread throughout their 21 private regions for exploring, racing, shopping, dancing, Looking to spend some time out of the water? They also offer parks and recreation on land. Be sure to join their group if you are interested in periodically scheduled gatherings and events with live DJ’s.


Rating: Moderate
Vast coral shelves and rolling sand dunes cover the sea floor at Haven of Sirens.
Explore the caves, caverns and reef corridors, the natural landscapes and scattered wrecks around the terrain.
Homes for Merfolk and Aquatics available for rent below the ocean and homes for Divers on the islands above!


** Landing Spot on Beach, Dive into water a few meters for underwater Library **
Rating: Moderate
Description: Come Mers and Humans alike, to chill on the beach,
or hangout in the waters with a book in hand~
If you love Libraries and Mers then this is the place to see the 2 collide
No Policies on Attire; Except If there are Child Mers around please put tops on?
I guess technically that’s an SL policy, so keep it in mind~
Otherwise Come As You Are!


Rating: Moderate – child avs are discouraged
Description: These volcanic islands are home to many sea creatures, and ancient land creatures. We welcome all aquatic creatures and mer folk! There are no tours or teleports so you are free to explore the many crater gardens on your own. There are mer dances in the ruins, and many spots to hide out and relax. The brave of heart will want to keep sound on : )
Join our group to stay safe in these shark infested waters:


Rating: Adult
Restrictions : Please note the SE corner of the sim is the owner’s private residence. We ask that visitors respect this personal space.
Description: Isle of Anu Aquatic Life is an area for exploration, relaxation, and fun! We also offer a building (yes, underwater) where you can play various games. There are places where you can snuggle up with your significant other, There is also a very nice dance floor with mer dances available in the menu, and when we aren’t having an event, a jukebox where you can pick your own stream from a variety of music. We are constantly improving things and will host events from time to time. Also, if you would like to advertise your area, there are inexpensive ad boards at the landing point.
Being an adult area, you can wear whatever you desire – or don’t!


Rating: Moderate
Description: Have you ever been curious about life up there, where the people are? Swim up and hangout where life above and below the water’s edge meet. Consider it a cultural exchange where you might get your most curious questions answered!


Rating: General
Description: The KINGFISH HARBOR was a blues club for 5 years in SL. The owner Nez loves the underwater as he scuba dove the Gulf of Mexico for 20 years and brings his love of the sea to his Harbor. Come visit and see the world he created. Dancing, great sits and cuddles on the rocks near the dance floor. Lots to see and investigate as there are many hidden gems in the harbor as well as the land. Nez brings the best of the New Orleans South, Louisiana, Cajun, lifestyle to Second Life.


Rating: Adult
Other Restrictions: This is a Adult sim so expect to see nipples sometimes 😉
Child avi’s are discouraged (No Guppies Please) GLBTQ+ friendly, family friendly
Description: The Waters of Lake Moonkill are a ever evolving little escape from the harsh Human world.
You can accidentally find portals to higher dimensions down here and other magical things..
Like hidden Treasures and Gifts for you in the bottom of a sunken ship…
And a growing Goldfish Population!! Try to catch them and they will make you swim with them!
What would you find if you followed the sparkling Diamond Trail? Can you find the hidden caves within the Coral Cave? If you do, bring a friend to enjoy a lovely Dance or two…
Time runs differently down here.. Humans don’t really dare to explore here because it is known that we keep the ones who wander into our world. But it’s their choice because they don’t really want to leave once they experience the Magic here..


Rating: Adult (Hangout, BDSM, RLV)
Other Restrictions: Adult sim restrictions apply
Description: The main area at Little Mermaid – Dora’s Oceanic Research and Aquariums – is the exhibit, with a large connected aquarium system, featuring several biomes (e.g. salt water, fresh water, deep sea, swamp, tunnels) with an additional option for Sealife to visit the other areas by means of a Fish teleporter (a big grey box that allows you to visit several other locations at the Ranch, the Giantess cabin or the Research facility).
The parcels are designed to be used both for Roleplay as well as to serve as a relaxing environment or playground. As our guests, you are free to use all the facilities and devices that can be found in the two areas, be it for Roleplay, to relax or to explore.
A latest version of the Rules and Information notecard can be obtained at the landing, as well as the latest destinations on the teleport board/grey fish transport box).


Rating: Moderate
Description: A cosy small mer hangout area below the Mermaid Marina situated 6 sims north of the Blake Sea, you can swim all the way there! Dancefloor, shell jacuzzi and more, all sea creatures welcome!


Rating: Moderate
Description: The Mystic Realms is a 3-region fantasy roleplay sim featuring races such as, but not limited to elves, faeries, wildlings, wolves, pirates, merfolk, sirens and dragons. We are a roleplay sim and encourage casual RP and hanging out In-Character (IC) sim-wide. But do please try to stay in the fantasy realm of dress code and respect others that are roleplaying by keeping Out of Character (OOC) content in Direct Messages (DMs)!

For merfolk and aquatics – The Dire Waters (accessible from landing point)
Part of the Wilderness are The Dire Waters of The Mystic Realms. They are the water realm that leads to the Wildes of the forest. Many stories tell that this land has been both abandoned and unclaimed because of the creatures who roam there. Stories of colonies of creatures living beneath the surface. Merfolk, sirens, dragons even.

The Mystic Realms provides a rich and open RP environment for you to create and control your own stories, factions, to play and tell these stories.


  • The Mystic Realms is also meant for photography and we do allow players to visit OOC and take photos!


  • We welcome all ages but children and teen avis must state ages in their profiles.
  • We will host events either marked PG for all ages or M for adults only.
  • We will not be giving players any strict rules on their avatar styles. Mermaids are each unique and should be able to look and wear what they want, so long as they follow LL rules.
  • All races are welcome and we do not have an application form.


Rating: Moderate
Description: Featuring an area for gatherings/a stage, areas to explore, and soon rentals in shells or the cave system under the main floor.
Restrictions: Shells off are accepted underwater, but scales, fabric, leaves or something of a sort is required for bottoms. 😉
Polestar is a dream I have had for years for deep water of my own, and to share that space with others. It is a work in progress, but it is currently finished enough to start sharing I feel.

Meaning: pole·​star | \ ˈpōl-ˌstär
1 : north star
2a : a directing principle : guide
b : a center of attraction


Rating: Moderate
Mermaid Cove is located right under a Dance Club Party Boat. They have regular DJ’s and Dancing.
A perfect place if you’d like to live the Mer Life and Party. Be sure to wear your dancing fins.
If you land on the main landing just wiggle off the deck and jump in the water.


Rating: Adult
Other Restrictions: You must have FLY active before TP’ing into the sim if you want to ascend/descend. But please do not FLY other than ascending/descending in the water!
Description: The beautiful underwater garden at sirens beach is located around the perimeter of the island. Swim and dive here or take the 10 minute tour of the garden in the little submarine.


Rating: Moderate
Description: Humans may not be on the menu here, but you’re welcome to explore this beautiful underwater habitat. Lots of glass buildings with community inside and out. When you’re done studying the land dwelling specimens, set off and explore the waters of the Satori mainland. You might even find a few SWF friends in residence nearby!

If you find any information on this page that is incorrect, please let Tabitha Hawksby or Selina Otsuka inworld know so that they can make corrections; she will correct the Hangouts Notecard and pass your changes to the WebMerstress. Thank you! 🙂


Please review the information below to host an official SWF Hangout:

To qualify as a SWF Hangout, you just need to complete 3 simple tasks…

(1) If your landmark doesn’t take visitors directly to the hangout, place a teleport to the hangout at (or near) the landing point.

(2) Place the current SWF kiosk either at (or near) your landing point or in your hangout area.

You can always get the current kiosk at:

(This LM will put you directly in front of the SWF Kiosk at HQ. The SWF Kiosk cycles through different textures. Click on the texture that reads: “Request a 5 prim kiosk” to get your very own copy.)
(3) When you’re all set up, prepare a short notecard saying that your hangout is ready for review. Please include a landmark!
You can also send a short description to put in the official hangout notecard, or list some features of your area that you’d like to bring attention to. Descriptions will be edited for content and length.
Name the notecard SWF Hangout (your name) and send it to Selina Otsuka. She will arrange for inspection and verification.
*** Hangouts must be open to everyone regardless of gender, as we are not able to police who will go to your sim. ***

…That’s it! You’re done!

Once your area is approved, voila! Your location will be listed on the SWF Hangout notecard we distribute.


Here are some suggestions for hangouts:

Mer dancing: Add an area with a way to play music and do Mer dances. Have a dance ball or pose balls with Mer dances. Parcel media stream will do for music.

Sitting/meeting area: Create a place for Mers to sit and look gorgeous/handsome and just chat.  Use pose balls, items with sits, etc., making it possible for small groups to gather and interact.

Accessibility: Make things easy to find: Teleporters to different parts of your hangout come in very handy if the areas are far apart or hidden from view.

Exploration: Think of your hangout space as a small club house or an underwater garden. You can put lots of things in there and make it as big as you’d like, but only a cozy, little corner is needed to be a SWF Hangout.

Small club house or an underwater garden. You can put lots of things in there and make it as big as you’d like, but only a cozy, little corner is needed to be a SWF Hangout.


Safe Waters Foundation is a not for profit group supporting the development of Merfolk and aquatics in Second Life. Our goal is to increase awareness of, and bring together designers, retailers, sims, and other venues aimed at merrow, mermen, mermaids, sirens, aquatics, and lovers of the same.

Becoming a SWF Hangout, will help to increase your traffic and create awareness of your Mer/Aquatic areas. Best of all, it’s free!

All our official hangouts are listed in a notecard which is distributed across Second Life to SWF members and non-members alike via the SWF Kiosk.

Each hangout entry includes a LM, SLURL, and a short description of the venue.

You can get more information about SWF at our in-world headquarters (see LM below), or on the web at:

We also have a weekly Saturday support group meeting at 10 a.m. SLT, where all your questions can be answered.


SWF Support Group:

To become part of SWF use the group joiner at our headquarters, or paste this into chat, click on the link, and hit the join button:

Our official group name is:  !!! Safe Waters Foundation!!!

Read about all things mermaid (real and virtual) at: