Mission statement: Supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life. Bringing together and being a resource for designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, sirens, cetaceans, cephalopods, other aquatics and lovers of same in an environment that encourages diversity and awareness of RL ecological issues.

SWF Values: authenticity, balance, diversity, growth, honesty, integrity, learning, modesty, ongoing training, patience, perseverance, positivity, service and synergy

SWF Goals:

To assist those considering an underwater life

  • To increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

SWF is managed by volunteers and serves as a nonprofit group. Many individuals have invested a lot of time and effort into making SWF a useful resource for the mer community. We welcome constructive criticism and ask that if you have a suggestion for something else SWF could be doing that you consider volunteering to help launch it.



The overarching principles of Safe Waters Foundation are:

  • To assist those considering an underwater life
  • To increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • To make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • To assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • To promote the conservation of RL oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
  • Slogan: Mers Helping Mers Be Mers



  • We respect diversity and political freedom. This group has people from all parts of life and the political spectrum. We require everyone to refrain from political opinions in this group simply because it divides us. This should be about what brings us together. We are all passionate about things like this, but our passions do not always align in politics. PLEASE do not express or advocate a political opinion here.
  • Everyone is expected to demonstrate respect, tolerance and especially class while on the sim. We recommend wearing your group tag when on the sim.
  • We expect everyone to show class in speech, appearance and demeanor.
  • All training, mentoring and other interactions under the SWF Group Rules should take part on the SWF sim. SWF lands are where interaction should take place except under rare circumstances.
  • Members are requested to put SL/RL limits in their profile to make this easier to manage harassment and mutual respect. Once this is refused, continuous pressure is inappropriate.



!!!Safe Waters Foundation!!!

  • The SWF Public Group exists for social members: the public;  To enjoy and explore SWF activities. There is also a separate staff group for active administration team members. Some public members are also administration team members.  (also known as the blue group)

Group Tags

  • Citizen of the Sea (Everyone/Default)
  • Mermaid
  • Merman
  • Honored Sea Citizen: this is a title in the Public group for frequent visitors, guests and customers who are not part of the SWF Staff Group. It is not for many people, only those who have been coming here often and for a long time. Honored Sea Citizens are expected to be responsible as well as promoters of the group and the sim. They are expected to be on the sim often. Honored Sea Citizens are invited to join but must maintain a steady presence to retain the status. There is no application process available for this role. It is an invitation sent at the sole discretion of the SWF CEO.
  • Applicant: this is public group title that indicates someone has applied to become an SWF Officer and member of the SWF Staff Group. This phase is very much a trial period while the person explores the group and the sim. It should last for three weeks or the successful completion of applicant assignments, whichever is longer.

    The assignments should consist of the preliminary ones where they learn the rules and codes of conduct of SWF, study of SWF texts and familiarize themselves with the administrative team members. During this phase, the Applicants should strive to be respectful and open to always learning.

    To receive the Applicant title your avatar must be at least 45 days old; you must have read and understood the rules of the sim. You must have some English language skills. The use of translators and friends is encouraged to make this possible. You should have some aquatic creature experience. Complete an application and follow the instructions in it.

    If an applicant has any RL issues such as medical issues or anything that may require special dispensation they should be sure to state these on the application. Any limits which cannot be waived must be disclosed as this will have impact on the training.

    Once an application is accepted, the applicant will be issued an Applicant tag in the Public group to alert SWF members to their status. Any applicant may withdraw from the application process at any time by simply letting their mentor guide or an SWF Officer know.
  • Mer-In-Study (MIS): An aspiring officer with duties, restrictions & training assignments. The tag is only given out after an interview conversation. All MIS are assigned mentors when they join the group. They are expected to visit the sim a few times a week as they learn. After completion of assignments, they may petition for promotion to SWF Officer Candidate. They may make this election at the time their promotion panel is assembled. Progression in the SWF Officer Training Program: a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 6 months.
  • Sage: This public group title is reserved for people who were members of the SWF Staff group in a central role (e.g. Officer, Officer Candidate, Board Member) but who are no longer active in contributing regularly and a core part of the training. They have demonstrated that they have done what was required to join the SWF Staff group.



(Please note this is a new designation for the Brown Textured group)

  • 1. The SWF Staff group should consist of only active members. Members should do more than simply attend events. Extended absences may result in a Leave of Absence (LOA). Those members who are not able to be active in the Staff group will be given a special title in the Public group to recognize their contributions and each can apply in the future to rejoin the group. This title is available for all former members.  Members who had left the SWF Staff group may return by completing the Returning Member Application and following the process.  Rejoining is complete when all requirements are met.
  • 2. The roles of members of the SWF Staff Group, as well as Associate are covered in this section. “Members” of the SWF Staff Group refers to all roles except Associate.
  • 3. The number of people in this group is limited and admission is by invitation only. All members are encouraged to promote the group and display it in their picks. We expect our staff members to possess a high level of maturity, understanding, manners and decency. Show respect and tolerance to everyone.  All members are expected to be active in the group and visit the sim regularly. Members who are not sufficiently active either in time spent on the sim or in participating in their duties of their roles, may request to be moved into a public-group-only role. This will also be done by the leadership if members are not active. Members may submit a Leave of Absence request if leaving the group actively for a period. Members who have left may petition to return and their petition will be reviewed and answered.  A member may request to return to a former status by requesting to be active again and taking an active role.
  • 4. A blatant rule violation will result in ejection and possible banning.
  • 5. SWF Staff Group Members have many privileges and are expected to be responsible as well as promoters of the group and the sim. They are expected to be on the sim frequently. Members will monitor the public group chat for appropriateness (see public chat rules).   Any intervention should be done with tact and in IM if possible, to limit any conflict in the public group..  Staff may also organize activities and events and are asked to submit periodic logs to show how they have contributed to the sim. Details will be provided and apply to all group members. Contributions include serving as a mentor, on a team or committee, doing assignment, hosting and/or attending events, contributing significant lindens to the sim, giving tours to visitors, etc.
  • 6.Brotherhood/Sisterhood:  All Aquatic Creatures at this sim need to treat each other in public with total respect- it is NEVER acceptable for any member or visitor to witness any members arguing or acting disrespectful at any time. This is especially important. We may not agree on issues and that is OK, but always act respectfully in front of our guests.
  • 7. Associate – Associate staff tag will be given to people who are DJs or others who need rights. It will not be used for visitors or prospective members.  It may be removed after each event. This tag is only one to be used to access sim rights such as setting the music stream and rezzing a tip jar. It gives no special recognition at all inside the group. This is usually a temporary tag.



This group is for people who know the history of Safe Waters Foundation well and generally embrace it.  Safe Waters Foundation now has 5 levels of Staff:  Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, Officers, Officer Candidate (Candidate), and Master Builder. Pictures of current SWF staff can be seen in the SWF headquarters on Union Passage.

  • – Officer meetings are held  at least three times annually with more meetings as called by the CEO or at least three members of the board. Meetings typically last 90 minutes. An officer in good standing is expected to participate at least two of these annually. Each meeting will have an agenda distributed beforehand and a timekeeper will be assigned.
  • – The agenda and minutes of the meetings will be distributed to all officers so that they may participate, even if by proxy. All officers are responsible for responding to the issues to be decided within a week.
  • All Officers are expected to take responsibility for ONE OR MORE of the responsibilities listed below.  If a responsibility is not chosen or an officer has no assigned responsibility – they may be moved to a role in the public group.  As you can see there is quite a variety areas you may wish to “own” to remain an active officer.  We are open to productive revisions to this list.

5.     BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  This is the central group of policy and plan advisors to Safe Waters Foundation.  They will provide direction and approval to the CEO, GraceSWF Wrigglesworth.  This group shall review all proposal and major changes in policy before final implementation efforts can be made.  Each has a strong commitment to Safe Waters Foundation and has served the group loyally.  In the event of illness or extended absence of the CEO, the Board of Directors will appoint a temporary replacement.  Responsibilities include:

Length of term: Lifetime unless there is resignation, inactivity in the community, a conflict of interest or violation of the spirit of SWF’s mission and goals pending approval by a majority of the Board of Directors..

6.  MASTER BUILDER:  Any changes to visual elements of SWF may only proceed after review and recommendation of the Master Builder.  The Master Builder may also be a Member of the Board of Directors and may assemble a team to aid with content changes if s/he desires.  All major builds on the SWF lands require stepwise and ongoing approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

7.  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER:  Central and Ultimate (Final) Decision Maker for Safe Waters Foundation.  Advised by the expertise of the Board of Directors, S/he will seek to grow the Mission and Goals of Safe Waters Foundation.   Availability should be found in His/her profile picks to ease communication.  It is strongly suggested that any outside recruitment or outreach activities include an initial introductory meeting with the CEO present, and the other people involved.  Our current CEO is GraceSWF Wrigglesworth.  As founder, GraceSWF Wrigglesworth remains the inspiration and leader for SWF staff and members.  Her style is one of responsible delegation to the SWF members (public and staff) .  As CEO, she determines the strategic policy and future direction of SWF. She ultimately takes responsibility for SWF and its activities.



Officer Training Program:

Multiple titles in both the public and staff groups are related to steps in a formal training program to develop officers that are both well informed and with good communication skills to ultimately serve as an SWF Officer.   There are progression requirements for these roles (Applicant, Mer-in-Study, Candidate) which are summarized here:



Our dress code has been written with the intent to remain within the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service ( and the sim charters of Fanci’s Deep and Union Passage.

There will be no flagrant nudity allowed- specifically,  erect cocks are prohibited in our sim areas.  Within the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS) and sim charters, some “sexy” clothing or objects are generally allowed.  Dances and some sexy clothing is allowed, as long as they do not promote public sexual content.

To make these guidelines explicitly clear with regard to mermaids and mermen we list here the things that are allowed,

ACCEPTABLE NUDITY  (that is non-flagrant nudity) does INCLUDE

ACCEPTABLE NUDITY (that is non-flagrant nudity) does INCLUDE

  • Mertails which show the crotch with a little pouch, scaled cover, codpiece, loincloth or bag to hold male or female parts below the waist. A penis may be attached but must be covered.
  • Scale skins or tattoos which let a lot of ass show
  • String bikinis or thongs
  • Bare breasts and nipples are allowed



  • 1.    No one should participate in gossip or drama. Anyone whining and complaining without dealing with the issues is being irresponsible. If someone engages in gossip and rumor about another person here, ask them to get it resolved and if that does not stop this behavior please report it. This includes anyone complaining without detail to cause confusion and alarm and does not report any problem in a way it can be dealt with. Being a party or witness to either of the above issues and acting responsibly in confronting the behavior and holding the member accountable in an appropriate way. This means tell them to stop (acting inappropriately or complaining) and if they do not report it.
  • 2.    SWF has a zero-tolerance policy for griefing or harassment (physical or verbal) on SWF land, at SWF sponsored events, or in SWF group communications. Additionally, SWF is an inclusive organization, so absolutely no negative comments of ANY sim, sim owner, or sim management are appropriate on SWF property.
  • 3.    Griefing or harassment includes, but is not limited to, initiating or contributing to social drama, verbal or physical attacks on SWF members or SWF property, discrimination on ANY grounds, and disrespect of SWF members and their guests. Determination of what constitutes as offensive behavior will be made at the discretion of SWF CEO, Senior Managers or Officers at the time of the offense.
  • 4.    Individual or group behaving in a manner inconsistent with the SWF mission, values or goals may be ejected and banned without warning from SWF property and SWF groups. In cases that violate SL’s Terms of Service, an abuse report will be filed with Linden Labs. Banned individuals will receive a notecard explaining exactly why they were ejected and banned. Those individuals may appeal their ban to GraceSWF Wrigglesworth (SWF CEO).



  • 1. It is not permitted for SWF Officers to have sexually inappropriate interactions with Applicants, Mers-In-Study or Officer Candidate on sim lands. This includes any intimate touching, talking, or other interaction. Any Applicant, Mer-In-Study or SWF Officer Candidate who is treated inappropriately by a SWF Officer must report this to their mentor/guide. Inappropriate means acts such as asking a mer to go off sim, having sexual interactions, discussing a sexual interchange in voice or IM, etc. Mers are strongly requested to put SL and RL limits in their profile to make this easier to manage. Once this is refused, continuous pressure is inappropriate.
  • 2. No whining, no complaining- if you have an issue with someone talk to their face, not behind their back! Be open to input from others.
  • 3. NO shouting or promoting of offensive, political or sexual content is permitted.
  • 4. NO solicitation, private selling or advertising of any kind, including escorting or group solicitations, is permitted. Spam-ming group channels may incur a ban from the SWF.
  • 5 No tipping except DJs, performers or to Safe Waters Foundation. If someone asks you for a donation to them (NOT SWF), they do not represent Safe Waters Foundation and should be reported.
  • 6. No ridicule, sexism, harassment, racism or violence towards anyone will be tolerated.
  • 7. Do not interrupt roleplay. Please respect and honor each other



  • 1. At Safe Waters Foundation privacy is taken very seriously. Respect people’s right to privacy.  The discussions held here will be distributed to both SWF groups and maybe posted on the sim or passed on by the recipients. Participation in those discussions is implicit consent for that original distribution. Copies may be kept on the sim. You may participate and protect your privacy by simply listening and not speaking.
  • 2. It is against Safe Waters Foundation policy for photos or snapshots to be taken without the consent of those in the picture. Documentation by administrative staff may of course necessitate taking pictures of violators.  Please be courteous and respect people’s privacy.
  • 3. Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy about their Second Life experience. We naturally follow all of the Second Life Terms of Service (ToS), especially with regard to privacy.  Please refer to the Second Life web site for a complete copy of TOS.
  • 4. Transparency is a key element in the principle of integrity and authenticity. This means that all documents which are generated by anyone in the group, including assignments, promotion panel assessments, applications, discussion notes, meeting notes and all other documents will be open to inspection by sending a written records request or by asking the person who created that document. This means we must stand by what we say and what we write. If anyone includes any personal information in a document, then that is implied consent to share it if requested.
  • 5. IMPORTANT:  If you do not take time to familiarize yourself with the guidelines you may be EJECTED or BANNED from the sim without warning. Entering Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) initiates an agreement that you will follow ALL guidelines without question..