SWF Partners are members of Second Life undersea community who believe and actively support the values, goals, and mission of Safe Waters Foundation.


Partnership is by invitation only. Current partners can nominate new partners by sending a notecard to GraceSWF Wrigglesworth. The only reason to limit partnership is to prevent negativity/drama and griefing. We are offering partnerships in an effort to increase positive community development.
All funds collected through this program are paid to SWFAccountant Wonder and will go toward covering SWF expenses only – such as the new modeling program coming out soon.


1) INDIVIDUAL PARTNER (50L fee annually) gets you ability to

  • Temporarily rez on SWF lands (do not litter – put things out just to demonstrate/share but pick it up before you go). This privilege will be revoked if someone abuses it. We have to keep the sim neat and reduce risk of grievers. It will help if you want to unpack something purchased or teach a class on SWF lands.
  • Ignore the landing point and teleport about the sim with ease.
  • Host events on SWF lands – this allows you to put our HQ down as a site in the secondlife.com event calendar.

2) PARTNER MEMBERSHIP (1200 L annually) gets you

  • Everything an Individual Partner receives (for one or two representatives) PLUS
  • A free poster with LM giver located outside the Partner/Teleport Hub Building
  • A free menu slot in the list of the Partner Teleport Hub
  • Easy approval for a SWF Hangout in the SWF Hangout Network
  • Representation at public events where SWF has an informational booth (e.g. Fantasy Faire and Second Pride)
  • Representation at the SWF web site (www.swfsl.com)

Your poster needs to be stable and not usually changed within the year. Adboards can also be rented at very reasonable prices if you think you need to update textures and items given more often than that.

Partners can not send notices within the land group – we encourage discussion and reaching out to individual members if you wish to make suggestions for improvements on operations. The group is solely to manage land use of Safe Waters Foundation lands – it is not a community forum.

For a Partner Application form, contact GraceSWF Wigglesworth inworld!