070 SWF Gathering 30 September 2023

30 Sept 2023
[10:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly aquatic support gathering. My name is Miranda. I will be leading today’s meeting.

Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[10:00 AM] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda!!!???
[10:00 AM] ? Hail? ?ebula ? (Haili Nebula): Tala Spark 🙂
[10:00 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): summer must be winding down – we had rain in California
[10:00 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): It’s just a special effect
[10:00 AM] Celtic Infinity: 😀
[10:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: turtle is debating hibernation
[10:00 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and I bought two huge peaches – how do you know if they are ripe and ready to eat?? any peach experts??
[10:01 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooooo I’ll wait for Peaches to arrive
[10:01 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) starts food chat
[10:01 AM] Dahlia Bouevier giggles
[10:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe waters foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of second life, we bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:01 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Push tp near stem…should be just a bit soft
[10:01 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) hushes – she’s started!!
[10:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place. we all help each other slive an aquatic lifestyle.
[10:02 AM] Celtic Infinity huggles PEACHES!!!
[10:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:02 AM] Dahlia Bouevier greets you in merish: Tala…
[10:02 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: 🙂
[10:02 AM] Peaches2U Camino: HUGGLES CELTIC^^
[10:02 AM] Peaches2U Camino: Tala!
[10:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and huds. We’d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, huds, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:02 AM] Peaches2U Camino: all
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how was yer week seafolk?
[10:03 AM] Celtic Infinity: It was good, thanks! How was yours, Miranda?
[10:03 AM] Rena Kadoya (Syrena Macpherson): it was very quiet
[10:03 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): mine was pretty good
[10:03 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Very nice!
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: cat missing but otherwise ok
[10:03 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Marvelous, how was yours? 😀
[10:04 AM] Rena Kadoya (Syrena Macpherson): although, had some fish last night
[10:04 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Ah sorry to hear about your cat missing 🙁
[10:04 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you
[10:04 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I found shrimp on sale – it is raw
[10:04 AM] Koi Kiyori’s: shell pendent gives off a warm and golden glow..
[10:04 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: <3
[10:04 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but great price
[10:04 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we put food out hopefully will find her soon
[10:05 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): here kitty kitty
[10:05 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): is s/he normally an outside cat?
[10:05 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats great Grace are you going to make soup?
[10:05 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): no – these are tooo big – use the tiny ones for soup
[10:05 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: inside but gets curious
[10:05 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I made a pretty sick scampi pie
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) prays a safe cat return mermaid prayer silently
[10:06 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: hmmm yummy!
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I just boil quick, cool and eat with ranch dressing
[10:07 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: love ranch haha
[10:07 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yesssss
[10:07 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: hot wings and ranch are my go to!
[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: the trick is making the scampi sauce a gravy with corn starch so it sytays in the pie
[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ahhh
[10:07 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I am not up to trying new recipe today
[10:07 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): have to do laundry!!
[10:08 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Tala, CHeeky!
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats fair I got shrimp so I plan to do that again
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority today is support – we’re all here to help each other, cause we’re awesome like that.
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay so the order is my introduction-done, introduce the new folks, sharing questions, ideas, and support to help each other-ie; tails, hair, bodies, AOs, requests, etc, then PSAs and promotion of events, sales or what ever else needs to be shared, then I close us out with our goals, maybe a group hug and picture.
[10:09 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Kraken!
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:09 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Tala Kraken
[10:09 AM] Dahlia Bouevier greets you in merish: Tala…
[10:09 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Matticus
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so here we go ?
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Introductions
If you have brought someone new to this gathering, please introduce them now. If you are new and wish to introduce yourself please do so now.
just click on the podium to sit on it or sit were you are if thats just easier.
[10:10 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) buckles her seatbelt
[10:10 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Tala Grace and Miranda
[10:10 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Tala Love
[10:10 AM] Peaches2U Camino: woot!
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala ?
[10:10 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I’m Grace Mayhem Mermaid
[10:10 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): not new
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: A very short sentence is all that is needed – for example: hi, I am (your name) and I discovered aquatics (brief description of how you found us) and what I love about being aquatic is (explain here).
[10:11 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so any new folk join us this week?
[10:11 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and are here today?
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay gonna take that as a no
[10:12 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) nods
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: try to encourage new folk if you can
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: lets swim on to q&a
[10:13 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Raises her hand.
[10:13 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Honey
[10:13 AM] Honey Whipple: helo
[10:13 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Tala, Honey!
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: aye?
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala honey
[10:13 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Listens for questions and discussion
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tirea?
[10:14 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Yes, please. I have been looking for
[10:14 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): someone who makes hair that would flow as underwater
[10:14 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oh some of the older hair makers do that
[10:14 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): We should encourage makers to do that
[10:14 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Oh yes ?
[10:15 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): let me find a designer – see if they are still active
[10:15 AM] Honey Whipple: floating hair or animesh tendrils really
[10:15 AM] Honey Whipple: we need good octomer tentacles too
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I only saw it once and it was on Prissy Hammond I dunno where she got it
[10:15 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): That’s the idea
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah we do
[10:15 AM] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (Cecily Muircastle): I recommend checking out the animated hair from Raven Bell
[10:15 AM] Honey Whipple: ^
[10:16 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): will do…Thank you.
[10:16 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): this is an odd one
[10:16 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Another vote for Octomer tentacles
[10:17 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: any anyone one else have any pressing questions about Merfolking in sl?
[10:17 AM] Honey Whipple: I don’t have a question, more so information ot share, but I’ll wait till the end
[10:18 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay i’ll call on you first for promotion
[10:18 AM] Honey Whipple: c:
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: because you’re literally the first to ask
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ok since no one has questions we can move on
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Quick reminders/announcements

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[10:20 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the small ones are only 10 linden per week
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group chat twice a day. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: You might also consider being a hang out.
[10:21 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Has quick announcement when it is proper.
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay you’ll be 3rd
[10:22 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): 🙂
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it’s better to im me though so I can keep you in order
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it gets lost in general
[10:22 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ohhh…sorry…
[10:23 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Please also check our mer-mall just past the headquarters. space available and lots of great things.

Be sure to visit the safe waters foundation web site and event calendar at https://swfsl.com/
[10:23 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and now…
Public service announcements
Now we allow a limited time for publicity. Who has something fun to share? A store, new sim, event, or news? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[10:23 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and our first speaker is Honey ?
[10:24 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Honey
[10:24 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Yay Honey
[10:24 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): yeah Honey:)
[10:25 AM] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (Cecily Muircastle): ?
[10:26 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Applause !!!
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: honey?
[10:26 AM] Honey Whipple: Hellooo fishies! I am fairly new to the community, despite being a mer for however many years~ I am also the owner of Floro, so if you’ve ever bought my tail mod, I am forever grateful ? I am here to tell you I am currently building a mer build for a high fantasy roleplay sim coming soon. I wanted to do right by the mer and make an expansive, explorative area based on utility and not on theme park decor, something that aids in roleplay and feels big enough. I am not finished yet.
[10:26 AM] Honey Whipple: But if any of you want a tour, lmk!
[10:27 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Wednesdays there is a group tour I think
[10:27 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): look at the calendar on web page and contact her to see if she’d bring?
[10:27 AM] Honey Whipple: Pls do!
[10:27 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Is that a aquatics dedicated RP build @Honey?
[10:27 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): you need to reach out to her Honey
[10:27 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): or part of a RP that is Mer?
[10:28 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: quick reminder of the web site https://swfsl.com/
[10:28 AM] Honey Whipple: The whole sim is for everyone, but we have three coastal areas, a river, and an underground tunnel system I built. There is a village center, a market, a temple and hatchery, infirmary, crystal shop and library
[10:29 AM] Honey Whipple: There is also a magic shrine in the tunnels
[10:29 AM] Honey Whipple: All of those for the mer alone
[10:30 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: you can drop the sl url here too
[10:30 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so Matti I believe the stick is yours now
[10:31 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): have you rented an adboard Honey/
[10:31 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Applause !!!
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Tala fish and friends,
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Tala.
[10:31 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Matti
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Halloween is going strong at Conch Island: Forgotten Sea!
[10:31 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ? ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[10:31 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ?('•.¸:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)? [10:31 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [10:31 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ? (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ?
[10:31 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ? ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): It is a fully underwater halloween mini region with games, crystal craze, fishhunt and a ((Krature)) pop-up sales shop. You can also get my new release tail applier “Spectre” which I am wearing currently!
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: whoot
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): We are actively planning some parties in the sunken graveyard for october so stay tuned! I’ll be sure to annouce them in the SWF group.
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Also, as a small personal boast: Forgotten Sea is in the second life editor’s picks this week! 🙂
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): So tell your friends and come visit!
[10:32 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it is a new tail Matti?
[10:32 AM] Honey Whipple: nice!
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): its an applier for aii’s riptide
[10:32 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): or a sking etc?
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): a new tail skin i should say
[10:32 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooooh ok
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): i was inspired by smoke and ghosts
[10:33 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): looks like war camoflauge to me
[10:33 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we used to have mer battles
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Here’s a preview of the build: https://www.flickr.com/photos/189153235@N02/albums/72177720311321472
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): I’d really love to see some talented mer photos taken there before it disappears on November 1st! ?
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): here’s a SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Conch%20Island/16/145/10
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): if anyone wants it as an LM, please message me
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): and if you lose it, drop it, the LM disappears into the sea – its also in my profile pics ?
[10:33 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): can also click on Matti’s adboard or go to mer mall
[10:34 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okey dokey
[10:34 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): yes there is also LMs there as well! ?
[10:34 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): ok thats all for me ?
[10:34 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:34 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:34 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Matti
[10:35 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Applause !!!
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: now comes the part where I try to remember who asked to be 3rd speaker in local chat
[10:35 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Tirea
[10:35 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Yes..
[10:35 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Tirea
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tirea yer up ?
[10:35 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): meow~
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Fina
[10:35 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): This is really quick
[10:36 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): I have a new store in our mall. Very near the entrance.
Real Women.
Framed art.
Things with Mer connections.
Thank you.
[10:36 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): That is all i have.. Thank you.
[10:36 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) begins stuffing shrimp with catnip
[10:36 AM] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (Cecily Muircastle): What is it called?
[10:36 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): nice – so mer related art for my home
[10:36 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Real Women
[10:36 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): “Real Woman”
[10:36 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Women, that is
[10:36 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Women*
[10:37 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: <3
[10:37 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:37 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:37 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Applause !!!
[10:37 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Dahlia, your turn
[10:37 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Tala everyone, thank you for having me!
[10:37 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Dahlia
[10:38 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: I hope everyone is having a fantastic morning, with your caffeine and breakfast ^^
[10:38 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: I have a quick share about a shop I found with epic products
[10:38 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Tala folks! I’m Dahlia and have been a SWF member for many years! I love finding beautiful water spots, fashion and accessories for mermaids. I just I have found a wonderful store, Elven Shop! I recently came across the awesome siren songs gestures. They’re great quality and affordable! Great deals there 🙂 Many songs with ominous vibes, and others sound like a sea angel singing xD Song of the Moon, Siren Echoes in the dark, Siren’s Lullaby, Mermaid Fantasy etc. Here is the link to the store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/243414
[10:38 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: The gestures are around 99L
[10:38 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh
[10:38 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): lobrly
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): or lovely if my fingers are on keyboard correctly
[10:39 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Lovely sounds that cause any sailor to be curious and see where the sounds are coming from 😀
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): you can also message owner of store and suggest she do a small adboard?
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): great share Dahlia!
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): thank you!
[10:39 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Sure! I can reach out and offer that suggestion, you guys would love these….I bought most of them lol
[10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Cool!
[10:40 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Thank you! <3 stay beautiful folks, that’s my share ^^
[10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ? ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ?('•.¸:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)? [10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ? (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ?
[10:40 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ? ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay I think thats it for now… my turn ?
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I’m Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: We are totally inclusive, kids, mers, furs, landers all welcome.
LGBT+ friendly, we even allow for mer toplessness under water.
[10:41 AM] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda ?
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Ten sims!!
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: cause you know they’re just boobs. just don’t flash the humans. they’ll get nosebleeds and nose bleeds attract sharks.
[10:41 AM] Honey Whipple: Ooooo yesss
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): some gorgeous places
[10:42 AM] Dahlia Bouevier giggles
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: more paperwork for dad…
[10:42 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): do you still have that underwater cave Miranda – I looked for it and couldn’t find it
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we are building up our mermaill too
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: the one in waters edge? rl happened
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): waterfall
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): not there now?
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we’re trying to rebuild the merspot in bexar
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ahhh
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): one of my fav places to hang out
[10:43 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): well history now
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Bexar/178/107/2 this is the new spot
[10:44 AM] Peaches2U Camino: ooooh!
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have a system called TCS. its a craft/trade/rp system that allows you to trade goods with other mers or landers. You can harvest and create things.

So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em 🙂
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: second share. this the very last day to join up the bats in the belfry hunt.
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I already have swf signed up for it
[10:46 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so if you want to join I’ll get you the application. if not you’ll be able to get the nc later so you can enjoy the hunt
[10:47 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): thanks for signing us up Miranda!!
[10:47 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Applause !!!
[10:47 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats it from me, would any one else like to share?
[10:47 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ? ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[10:47 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ?('•.¸:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)? [10:47 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [10:47 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ? (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ?
[10:47 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ? ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[10:47 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: np
[10:48 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: then perhaps some mild chaos is in order? or maybe questions for our speakers today?
[10:49 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): CHAOSSSSSSSSS
[10:49 AM] [V/W] Treasure Chest: Thanks TsioSan Ruby, for your donation
[10:49 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ooooooo chaos@@@!!!
[10:49 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I guess chaos wins.
[10:50 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I wanted to model one of the old style hairs
[10:50 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): that flow
[10:50 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Yay
[10:50 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: \o/
[10:50 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): this one I love but I’m grey haired now……
[10:51 AM] Dahlia Bouevier: Very beautiful <3
[10:51 AM] Peaches2U Camino: mhm!
[10:51 AM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): *…Lusa Em… * all. got to go. RL calling
[10:51 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I can make my poney tail flow but thats about
[10:51 AM] Dahlia Bouevier says goodbye in merish: Lusa em…
[10:51 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): *…Lusa Em… * Em..
[10:51 AM] Peaches2U Camino: take care
[10:51 AM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (back in a little bit)
[10:52 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:52 AM] Peaches2U Camino: am glad to see Ray!!!!
[10:52 AM] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: F??? ?? has gained total fluffiness level ~ 8460!
[10:52 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:52 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): me too
[10:52 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I missed Ray
[10:52 AM] ? Hail? ?ebula ? (Haili Nebula): •.¸(‘•.¸ Lusa Em…¸.•*´)¸.• *
[10:52 AM] Peaches2U Camino: Huggles Fina
[10:52 AM] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (Cecily Muircastle) gives Fina shrimpies
[10:52 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:52 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): =^.^= Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[10:53 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: well in that case
This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

Now go fourth and spread chaos! Thanks for joining us this day!!