082 SWF Gathering 13 January 2024

[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly aquatic support gathering. My name is Miranda. I will be leading today’s meeting.

Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[12:00 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): so good to see youZohee
[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Zo
[12:00 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Grace =D good to see you
[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe waters foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of second life, we bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[12:00 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Its funny i landed in your lap as i logged in
[12:01 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place. we all help each other slive an aquatic lifestyle.
[12:01 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and huds. We’d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, huds, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how was yer week merfolk?
[12:02 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Motoko
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[12:02 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): pretty gucci
[12:02 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): might started out rough but some good self care and pampering seemed to be the cure
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats good
[12:02 PM] Motoko Kusanagi (Motoko Takeda): Tala. I’m late, but i’m here.
[12:02 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Going well. Busy, busy
[12:03 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: self care is important
[12:03 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): Not bad at all!
[12:03 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Spark
[12:03 PM] Sparktalon Resident: Good morning, everyone
[12:04 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[12:04 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome kitty Fina
[12:04 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) tosses Fina a sardine
[12:04 PM] Zohee Goldshark: I sure could use some self pampering. What I wouldnt give for a massage
[12:04 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): meow~
[12:04 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): =^.^= Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[12:04 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Fina
[12:04 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I’m creative in finding ways to pamper
[12:04 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh don’t forget to pet the cat for good luck
[12:05 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes
[12:05 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Fina may become the SWF mascot?
[12:05 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): HA HAHA HA..haha!!
[12:05 PM] ϮLady Õutlaw DJ Šwєєtє™Ϯ (sweete Viper): I have been busy with Baby and Learning to DJ
[12:05 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Far
[12:05 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: awesome
[12:06 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: and eventually you can teach baby to dj
[12:06 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): hi grace lovely x
[12:06 PM] ϮLady Õutlaw DJ Šwєєtє™Ϯ (sweete Viper): smiles
[12:06 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Dianna could be here today – not feeling so well
[12:06 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: aww
[12:06 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority today is support – we’re all here to help each other, cause we’re awesome like that.
[12:06 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yup
[12:06 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority today is support – we’re all here to help each other, cause we’re awesome like that.
[12:07 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: sorry
[12:07 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): if anyone needs help starting to dj just ask as i love helping people start out
[12:07 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Peaches
[12:07 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay so the order is my introduction-done, introduce the new folks, sharing questions, ideas, and support to help each other-ie; tails, hair, bodies, AOs, requests, etc, then PSAs and promotion of events, sales or what ever else needs to be shared, then I close us out with our goals, maybe a group hug and picture.

So here we go!!
[12:07 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Introductions
If you have brought someone new to this gathering, please introduce them now. If you are new and wish to introduce yourself please do so now.
just click on the podium to sit on it or sit were you are if thats just easier.
[12:08 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: A very short sentence is all that is needed – for example: hi, I am (your name) and I discovered aquatics (brief description of how you found us) and what I love about being aquatic is (explain here).
[12:08 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so any new folk today? say aye
[12:08 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): mrrrrrrrrp~
[12:09 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): Far is sort of new but has been a merfolk for a while.
[12:09 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Far
[12:09 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): yay
[12:09 PM] Peaches2U Camino: there are two that I have never seen before….at another gathering location….I tried to tp them here
[12:09 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): tala xx
[12:09 PM] Zohee Goldshark: I’m old but semi new does that count?
[12:10 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau) giggles
[12:10 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: well if you guys wanna introduce your selves
[12:10 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: if not we can go on to q&a
[12:11 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): hi, I’m Fina. I’m a cat
[12:11 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): tala Fina!
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[12:11 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): catfish, perhaps?
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: lol I’m Miranda I’m a kid
[12:11 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I’m Grace – muddling through the journey of life as usual
[12:11 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I have a merdinkie cat avi, but sometimes I’m lazy to change out of my regular cat one
[12:11 PM] Deefer Doge: Tala Merpire
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[12:11 PM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): ~Tala~
[12:11 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): so yes catfish is right =^-^=
[12:12 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): LOL, Far is trying to work out his AO. lol
[12:12 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): always something to learn
[12:12 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: the next segment is perfect for him
[12:12 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): absolutely!
[12:12 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): its mad and forgot to put sits in it lol
[12:12 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: lets swim on
[12:12 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau) smacks Far with a cat to get him to pay attention to this next bit!
[12:12 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Questions and support requests
Now – what general questions can we discuss here today? Where do our aquatics need help? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[12:12 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): lol
[12:12 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): joke
[12:13 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)

if you have any pressing questions about merfolking in sl now is a great time to ask.
[12:13 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so Far, need to ask people? nows the time
[12:14 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) smiles contentedly
[12:14 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: or if anyone has a question actually
[12:15 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): he’ll work it out, no worries
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay
[12:15 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): does everyone have our new location in their picks?
[12:15 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): its ok now i hope x
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh I forgot to do that
[12:15 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): oh, i must update my picks!
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay
[12:15 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Oh ya I need to do that, thanks Gracie
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: just call out if you need help
[12:16 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the information hub is probably best place to add the pick so people can learn about us
[12:16 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~ updated the pick
[12:16 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): when they arrive
[12:16 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): hmm
[12:16 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): there is a map on the welcome wall
[12:16 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): okies I’ll update it again later
[12:16 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and I think eventually we’ll have the teleports up and running – I think but am not sure as I’m speculating
[12:17 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: it got me to the chat pavilion just fine
[12:17 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: is the old one gone?
[12:17 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yup
[12:17 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I think they work
[12:17 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Don’t they?
[12:17 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: seem too
[12:18 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glacis%20Isle/53/129/2 is the info hub
[12:18 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay
[12:18 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): landing in the chat pavilion is a great option if coming to a class or event here
[12:19 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): meaning there’s no enforced landing zone
[12:19 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): which I prefer
[12:19 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats good. i hate those
[12:20 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: any other questions or topics of importance?
[12:20 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the regulars dislike it
[12:20 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the new people find the info hub to start better
[12:20 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome beq
[12:20 PM] Deefer Doge: ooof
[12:20 PM] Deefer Doge: *squashed
[12:21 PM] ƁƐOƜAH Habib Krigguer (Beowah Resident): Upsi *giggles
[12:21 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[12:21 PM] ƁƐOƜAH Habib Krigguer (Beowah Resident): Tala all, sorry Im late
[12:21 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so any questions, requests for help before I move us on?
[12:21 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Miranda has the talking stick
[12:22 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): wekcine Oguk
[12:22 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Phil
[12:22 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay taking that as a no…
[12:22 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Quick reminders/announcements

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group chat twice per week. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: You might also consider being a hang out.
[12:23 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Sorry I had a phone call
[12:23 PM] Zohee Goldshark: I’m
[12:23 PM] Zohee Goldshark nods and says, OK! =)
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: rl happens
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Be sure to visit the safe waters foundation web site and event calendar at https://swfsl.com/
[12:24 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: and now…
Public service announcements
Now we allow a limited time for publicity. Who has something fun to share? A store, new sim, event, or news? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[12:24 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: hit me up with an im so I can que you and Siren is our first speaker
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: the stick is yours
[12:25 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:26 PM] SirensSL Resident: Tala all!!
[12:26 PM] SirensSL Resident: ╔═°.•🐟°.•.🐟 ⋆°⋆•.🐟︎═══════╗
ꜱᴇᴀꜰᴏʟᴋ ꜰᴏʀ ᴀ ᴄᴜʀᴇ
╚═══════.•°⋆ °.🐟⁺°⋆.🐟.•.°︎.═╝
[12:26 PM] SirensSL Resident: Hi! I’m SirensSL, the RFL Mascot and team avatar for Seafolk For A Cure! Kickoff is in February, but our team is all registered to support American Cancer Society and RFL in Second Life.
[12:27 PM] SirensSL Resident: If you’d like to help in fund-raising, then you can register to join us or donate online!

⋆ Relay for Life group: . Seafolk . For A Cure
⋆ Relay for Life Team online: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/seafolk
[12:27 PM] SirensSL Resident: Linden donations can be sent early to this avatar, which will have all its Lindens donated to a RFL vendor when it goes live on February 17th. (We will provide documentation for this.)

OR, preferably, we’d love for you to wait on Linden donations once the RFL kickoff happens in February!
[12:27 PM] Miranda Barrowstone claps “yay”
[12:28 PM] SirensSL Resident: V has a little something to add on to this info for me before you move forward~
[12:28 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): We will be having a kickoff party, so if you are interested in DJing or otherwise helping with that through item donations for sale/raffle prizes, etc, please let me or Cecily know. The date will be in February and we’ll announce it soon!

There is one thing that we need to explain because there was a little confusion. The current overall Relay need is new and sent out some conflicting information, so I need to explain and clarify.

The kiosks, including vendors, do NOT go live until 17 February. Seafolk has created a merman calendar. It will cost 250L and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to RFL. HOWEVER, we cannot set up a vendor until that date and originally, we thought those vendors were going live yesterday. THe plan is that our mascot over there, our baby Cthulhu, will set it up in CasperVend. No other funds will be going to this avatar from any source. When the 17th of Feb rolls around, we will take all the funds, donate them in a lump sum, and post screenshots of the transaction logs in the
[12:28 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): Discord so that there is 100% transparency. This way nobody has to wait another month for a 2024 calendar. After the 17th, they will be available in an official Relay vendor.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we wish that we did not have to do it this way, but it was not explained that the vendors were not going live until 17 Feb.
[12:28 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): wonderful news
[12:29 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and so well thought out!
[12:29 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): Thank you, Grace!
[12:30 PM] SirensSL Resident: Thank you!
[12:30 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: anything else Siren?
[12:30 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you very much ㋡
[12:30 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay would anyone else like to share now?
[12:31 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): tHE HQ sim appears to be full – if friends having trouble send to the Safe Waters Cove site
[12:31 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) waves a hand at Miranda
[12:31 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I forgot to message you!
[12:31 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): may I come up?
[12:31 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay well you have the stick
[12:32 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): So good to see so many of you here today again. Welcome welcome – SWF is meant to be YOUR group.
[12:32 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): 1. Kiel is working to change the Destination Guide landmark (may already been done?)
[12:32 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): My news in short:
[12:33 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): We have a volunteer group I can add people to is you wish to see oiur requests for help – not obligated to answer of course
[12:33 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): 2 All the Safe Waters Cove appear to be rented. Yippee!! This will help us pay tier and keep up the good support and promotional efforts
[12:33 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yay
[12:34 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): 3. I have started learning Discord – still very confused on it but have started that journey. The Seafolk of SL group is very active – there is a link to join that on our web page www.swfsl.com
[12:34 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): 4. Friday chat gathering – 6pm SLT Fridays HERE (Jewels of the Sea) has met twice now – Ana and I are co-leading for now but the structure is very open – we talk just about anything – this week was hair, fashion, and old sims we can’t find now
[12:34 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Thanks again – enjoy the joys so easily found underwater in SL!
(handing stick back to Miranda)
[12:34 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[12:34 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[12:35 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: would anyone else like to share?
[12:35 PM] Zohee Goldshark: I will have to look around here. There are homes here?
[12:36 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: good question. Grace?
[12:36 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): there are 3 rental parcels
[12:36 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and possibly we will add some homes for rent
[12:36 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but all 3 parcels are rented as of this morning
[12:37 PM] ɮɛɛღ (Autrecia Resident): wow so full..tala all 🙂
[12:37 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): keep watching for notices
[12:37 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ~Tala~
[12:37 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[12:37 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we aren’t trying to profit – trying to cover costs for the community promotion we do and the tier
[12:37 PM] Zohee Goldshark: Is the other old location still for mers and the Mer Mall open?
[12:38 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the old location is not open
[12:38 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: the mall is still there
[12:38 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but Fanci’s Deep is there and the Fanci Deep Mer Mall is still there
[12:38 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): there are also malls at Haven of Roques (part of the Haven sims) and Antiquity
[12:39 PM] Zohee Goldshark nods and says, OK! =)
[12:39 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): eventually hope to have portals for those in our partner building – but we are still constructing
[12:39 PM] Deefer Doge: there’s a big fat rental island where the HQ used to be
[12:39 PM] Miranda Barrowstone takes the stick and twirls it
[12:39 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and probably not able to do underwater build there
[12:40 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but I’m guessing – the management doesn’t like mers much
[12:40 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi) pounces and nibbles the stick
[12:40 PM] Peaches2U Camino: lolol
[12:40 PM] Miranda Barrowstone pets the kitty
[12:40 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[12:40 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) passes a tray of freshly cooked shrimp around to everyone
[12:40 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): miiiiiow
[12:40 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: he’s probably an old sailor afraid of tsunamis
[12:41 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): that must be it
[12:41 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yay! noms
[12:41 PM] Lily Lewellen giggles.
[12:41 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I’m Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[12:41 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: We are totally inclusive, kids, mers, furs, landers all welcome.
LGBT+ friendly, we even allow for mer toplessness under water.
[12:41 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): what about cats
[12:41 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[12:41 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): can cats come topless?
[12:41 PM] Deefer Doge: cats can be topless too
[12:41 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: we love cats
[12:41 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oh good
[12:41 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I can wear a shell bra if they don’t allow topless
[12:42 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: they generally do
[12:42 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Just don’t flash the humans cause they faint.
[12:42 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: unless its a cat then they go “awwwww*
[12:42 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have a system called TCS. its a craft/trade/rp system that allows you to trade goods with other mers or landers. You can harvest and create things.
[12:42 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I started SL in a midevil sim an=nd they required the mermen to wear tops
[12:42 PM] FAR (fwdfwd Farslider): i can knit my chest hair into a top
[12:43 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ooooo
[12:43 PM] Miranda Barrowstone cracks up
[12:43 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): LOL
[12:43 PM] Lily Lewellen: lol
[12:43 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: getting a merman to wear a top?
[12:44 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats insane I can’t even get my brother to wear a sweater in cold water
[12:44 PM] Zohee Goldshark •:¨¨:•giggles•:¨¨:•
[12:44 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): Harnesses are tops.
[12:45 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah but do they keep you warm?
[12:45 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we should all show gratitude for the SWF Building Team -Matti, Echo, Chicky and Ben I think
[12:45 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): That’s why you cuddle puddle!
[12:45 PM] Deefer Doge: only when it’s nippy
[12:45 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): they continue to work hard
[12:45 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: they do
[12:45 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): this place is getting better and better
[12:45 PM] Ψ νєѕρєя ησνєм-αвѕιηтнє Ψ (Vesper Absinthe): They have been incredible.
[12:46 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): right now Echo has ownership of our SWFBuilder account
[12:46 PM] Deefer Doge: congrats build team
[12:46 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it rotates – amazing also that they coordinate and buld as a team
[12:46 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so you if need any info on anti, we have a partner board or you can send me an im
[12:46 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): thankful to have echo covering rn ♡
[12:46 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): you’ve done so much here Matti
[12:47 PM] Miranda Barrowstone applauds the building team
[12:47 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): i should also plug real quick if you have build suggestions, please use the NC drop box at the landing point/info hub
[12:47 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): ♡
[12:47 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: anyone else want to share?
[12:48 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay thats probably still a no.
[12:48 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: we could end early. ㋡ have a bit of chaos?
[12:48 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): mrrow
[12:49 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Oh yes, the build team is so talented
[12:49 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): CHAOS!!!
[12:49 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): HA HAHA HA..haha!!
[12:49 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Miranda you are so well organized
[12:49 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): maybe we could have a tour of the new build? unless this is all there is yet?
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone takes laser pointer and shines it on the ground
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you
[12:49 PM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): oki i got to go lusa em to all:)
[12:49 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): It’s very gorgeous here btw
[12:49 PM] Deefer Doge: omg gone hi-tec
[12:49 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooh there is much – Matti do you have time to lead a tour?
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: helps to have a script
[12:49 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I get lost and lead people in circles
[12:50 PM] Sandie (Sandie Rau): lol
[12:50 PM] Philantis Texan: WB Miranda btw
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay lets close out and you folks can explore
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~~~
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[12:50 PM] Deefer Doge: Thank you Miranda
[12:50 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): find the big board that says welcome
[12:50 PM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): there is a map there
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

Now go mingle and explore! Thanks for joining us this day!!