086 SWF Gathering 10 February 2024

[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly aquatic support gathering. My name is Miranda. I will be leading today’s meeting.

Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[12:00 PM] Lily Lewellen: ♥
[12:00 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): hi Miranda!
[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡ hi Grace
[12:00 PM] Peaches2U Camino: wooooooooooot!
[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Peach
[12:00 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe waters foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of second life, we bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[12:01 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place. we all help each other slive an aquatic lifestyle.
[12:01 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) waves shrimp
[12:01 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): here kitty kitty
[12:01 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ooooooo Shrimp!!!
[12:01 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: but not today though lots of folks were early
[12:01 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): miiiiiow~~
[12:01 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): my early warning system worked
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Fina
[12:02 PM] Champagne whispers: Let´s celebrate, cheers everyone!!
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and huds. We’d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, huds, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[12:02 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[12:02 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how was yer week sea folk?
[12:02 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): loads of feasting
[12:02 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Los Angeles was VERY exciting
[12:02 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): oh
[12:02 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I had terrible storms – no electricity and water more days than had them
[12:03 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): 12″ of rain
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): WHO KNOWS WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY??
[12:03 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Wind
[12:03 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it was like camping in your apartment
[12:03 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): and Earthquake
[12:03 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Saturday!
[12:03 PM] Alyx (AlyxAdventures Resident): Spent all my lindens on shinies
[12:03 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): now more wind
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): Nuuuuuuu!
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): like, what festival
[12:03 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Moon Day
[12:03 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): it was a rushy week for me, getting stuff ready for abnormality event
[12:03 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Chinese new year
[12:03 PM] Lily Lewellen: Just swimmingly! I didn’t get washed away by the huge storm that came through California, but the mountains are covered in snow
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): yuuuuuuuus!
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): Miranda is right =^-^=
[12:03 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: year of the dragon
[12:03 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ooooh
[12:03 PM] Peaches2U Camino: its a rollercoaster
[12:03 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): it’s the first day of Chinese New Year
[12:03 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): always wanted to go to that actually
[12:04 PM] Peaches2U Camino: with no safety bar
[12:04 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): Ooh…
[12:04 PM] Lily Lewellen: yeah I felt that earthquake. Then Hawaii had one right after ours.
[12:04 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): wheeeee
[12:05 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it rained where I am
[12:05 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): a Lot
[12:06 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I would love a nice rainy day so so much
[12:06 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): saame
[12:06 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): clean air today – sparkly clean
[12:06 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but COLD
[12:06 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Mammoth, Big Bear, and Wrightwood are open for skiing on REAL SNOW..
[12:06 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but I have water and electricity ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:07 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats great ㋡
[12:07 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay time to get swimmin’
[12:08 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority today is support – we’re all here to help each other, cause we’re awesome like that.
[12:08 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay so the order is my introduction-done, introduce the new folks, sharing questions, ideas, and support to help each other-ie; tails, hair, bodies, AOs, requests, etc, then PSAs and promotion of events, sales or what ever else needs to be shared, then I close us out with our goals, maybe a group hug and picture.

So here we go!!
[12:08 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I am not new – neither am I perfect. I am Grace
[12:08 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: If you have brought someone new to this gathering, please introduce them now. If you are new and wish to introduce yourself please do so now.
just click on the podium to sit on it or sit were you are if thats just easier.
[12:09 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: A very short sentence is all that is needed – for example: hi, I am (your name) and I discovered aquatics (brief description of how you found us) and what I love about being aquatic is (explain here).
[12:09 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Miss Echo sends her love to all.
[12:09 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: awwww
[12:09 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): hi, I’m Fina. I’m a cat
[12:09 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): I’m cute and I like pettings =^-^=
[12:09 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: i send mine back
[12:09 PM] Julia Ceres: i am Julia, was a mer years ago but left sl for a few years, am now back and put on my tail again this moring with some help
[12:09 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yes pet the kitty for luck
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oh excellent – Echo is one of the members of the fantastic building team that makes our sims gorgeous
[12:10 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): hey theres me i guess, im back to being mer after getting to work with the new Odyssey tail x3
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Pao
[12:10 PM] Lily Lewellen: Welcome Julia!
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Julia
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): glad you are here fina
[12:10 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): butits my first week here
[12:10 PM] Starlata Resident: Tala, I’m Starlata…I roleplay as an evil siren 🙂
[12:10 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: guys I lost track…
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Matticus
[12:10 PM] Lily Lewellen: Welcome Pão Pão
[12:10 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): ty
[12:10 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): new people are introducing themselves Miranda
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: who is new? please introduce your selves
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: cause everyone started talking at once and now I have to read back
[12:11 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): naw
[12:11 PM] [V/W] Treasure Chest: Thank you TsioSan Ruby, for your awesome donation
[12:11 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): relax and enjoy the journey
[12:11 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome Juilia
[12:12 PM] Julia Ceres: : ty
[12:12 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome Pao
[12:12 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) hushes up
[12:12 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: and starletta I’m pretty sure I seen you before but welcome anyway
[12:13 PM] Starlata Resident: Thank you
[12:13 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): what is after the introductions?
[12:14 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay if there’s no one else new (hope I didn’t scare them) we’ll move on to questions and support
[12:14 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Questions and support requests
Now – what general questions can we discuss here today? Where do our aquatics need help? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[12:14 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): facepalms
[12:14 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: it’s cool Grace lol
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: basically if you have any pressing questions about merfolking in sl now is a great time to ask.
[12:15 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): does the new tail dance well?
[12:15 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: aos, tails, hair are popular topics, locations etc
[12:16 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats a good question
[12:16 PM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): yes indeed,grace:)
[12:16 PM] Saiyge Lotus: Theres a question – Good mer bento dances? I havent been able to find them
[12:16 PM] Starlata Resident: nice to see a new tail
[12:16 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): does it work with the old ones with our rainbow dance balls? (non bento ones?)
[12:16 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): blue dolphin dance ball on our dance floor
[12:17 PM] Dany Merrow: there are some in that dolphin here
[12:17 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): will let you demo the bento dances GORgeous animations is making\
[12:17 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): she has booths at the Fanci’s Deep and Haven Mer Mall I believe
[12:17 PM] Dany Merrow: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GJ-MER-Bento-Merdance-20/25402015 or mp
[12:17 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: have you tried Kamihito? (sp) or gor-gus? both have places in the fanci deep mall?
[12:17 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): aaaaand there is now a portal to the Haven’s Mer mall over by our partner building
[12:18 PM] Lily Lewellen: wear the mer tail fixer. Sometimes it will help animate your bento tail with the old animations. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/mc-Bento-Mermaid-Tail-Fix/20123332
[12:18 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah migh might be there too
[12:18 PM] Saiyge Lotus: Thank you 🙂 I will go play with them after this 😉
[12:18 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Kami Hitoe has very old style dances
[12:18 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): yessss love Haven
[12:18 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): That is GREAT…thank you
[12:18 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yay
[12:18 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): GORgeous ones are the new bento ones – SWF recruited her to start making them so hope you all will tell others
[12:18 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: true… but I think they also have bento
[12:18 PM] Saiyge Lotus: \o/
[12:19 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): GORgeous donated their bento dances and we pput in a blue dolphin dance ball onour dance floor if you want to try
[12:19 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): our rainbow balls are from Serafina’s SOS store
[12:19 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: I can’t find any programs that let me animate in bento
[12:19 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): talk to the GORgeous lady Mirana – very nice lady
[12:19 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: on the bright side I found some really cute japanese lunch boxes
[12:19 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it required some new stuff I think
[12:20 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: I will thanks. I love her work
[12:20 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I want to go to the big event after this gathering if anyone has LM and wants to go
[12:20 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): what are you guys calling it?
[12:20 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): i can give it to you
[12:21 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): thanks – and I’ll lead a group if anyone wants to go with
[12:21 PM] Dany Merrow says in mermish Anit
[12:21 PM] Dany Merrow: abnormality thats the name of sim aswell so just type in Anit (AH-neet): Search bar
[12:22 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Mer shopping trip!
[12:22 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): 𝖚 𝖜 𝖚
[12:22 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): 🎀 ᴍᴇʀᴍᴀɪᴅ ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ ʟᴇᴛ’ꜱ ɢᴏ ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ 🎀
[12:22 PM] Miranda Barrowstone giggles
[12:22 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): $ LoL $
[12:22 PM] Lily Lewellen: The water is deep for fun swimming too!
[12:22 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: -=giggles=-
[12:22 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): darn my sound isn’t working again
[12:23 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I’m just f**ked up today
[12:23 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oh my aching fins!
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: mine either. okay any other questions, discussions?
[12:23 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[12:23 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: you should just soak in a nice broth of medical seaweed
[12:24 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): mmm…. broth….
[12:24 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: does wonders for my mom
[12:24 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby) sneaks a shrimp over to Fina
[12:24 PM] Fɪɴᴀ 小霜 (Sapphira Franizzi): =^.^= *Nahm Nahm Nahm!*
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay perhaps we shall swim on to the next topic if no more questions
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Quick reminders/announcements

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[12:25 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): >0 Don’t Worry, Whales Don’t Eat Clown Fish, They Eat Krill >0
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group chat twice per week. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[12:25 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ~swim away~
[12:25 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): >0 Oh Look Krill!! >0
[12:25 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh look krill
[12:26 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: -=giggles=-
[12:26 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: You might also consider being a hang out.

Be sure to visit the safe waters foundation web site and event calendar at https://swfsl.com/
[12:26 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: and now…
Public service announcements
Now we allow a limited time for publicity. Who has something fun to share? A store, new sim, event, or news? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[12:27 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[12:27 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: so if you would like to share please IM
[12:28 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Welcome Salacia – for those asking about bento dances – Salacia is creating then ones out now
[12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): YAY!
[12:28 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: and our first speaker today is Cecily!
[12:28 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: the stick is yours
[12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ♬ ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ♫('•.¸:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)♫ [12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ☆ (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ☆
[12:28 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ♬ ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[12:28 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: don’t bonk people with it
[12:29 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Tala ❤
[12:30 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I see some of you are already wearing The Odyssey tails, but I’m going to announce it anyways!
[12:30 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[12:33 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: you okay? cecli?
[12:33 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): The tail I’m currently wearing is on v1.1 and as soon as my rigger is better from COVID we’ll be doing a big old update for 2.0 sizing. The tail is available at Abnormality right now! It has asymmetrical BOM and now includes shapes to help with the fits as well. This project is going to see lots of continuous support and updates for years to come! That means the Fatpack will also include any body additions, but you can also buy single sizes per body! It works great with the Nemissa Poser HUD and animations, and the Tala Bento AO. In the future, those are features that we’re going to be adding as free updates to the tail as well.
[12:33 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Preview: https://flic.kr/p/2pwZ3rB
[12:33 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Tala Drakos!
[12:34 PM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Tala Love. sorry I am late. RL was clingy
[12:34 PM] Peaches2U Camino: lolol
[12:34 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): stickyRL
[12:34 PM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): tala drakos:)
[12:34 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I love it
[12:34 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): heard very good things about the tail Cecily
[12:35 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): you are the creator?
[12:35 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I’m also wearing it now! And I’m hoping we’ll see even cooler mods to come.
[12:35 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): So pretty
[12:35 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): i made a few textures for it x3
[12:35 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I released the tail under my brand, but there’s a whole team behind the work, not just me. I had a lot of help!
[12:36 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): wonderful
[12:36 PM] Julia Ceres: i shall be adding it to my collection : )
[12:36 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: congratulation on that
[12:36 PM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): great teamwork!
[12:36 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): We’ve also seen some really cool and beautiful mods for it since release!
[12:36 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ♬ ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[12:36 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ♫('•.¸:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)♫ [12:36 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [12:36 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ☆ (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ☆
[12:37 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ♬ ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[12:37 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): https://www.flickr.com/groups/brine-odyssey/pool/
[12:37 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Thank you so much for your time! ❤
[12:37 PM] Lily Lewellen: ♥
[12:37 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you Cecily
[12:37 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tirea yer up
[12:37 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): HI HI
[12:37 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): This is quick…I will stay where I am……

Drakos and I have a small “Hangout” and Dance Floor on Haven of Mermaids.

There is an AdBoard here.

There is no DJ yet…but it’s nice to visit if you want to dance.

LMS in the board ….right here.
[12:37 PM] drákos (Kraken Darkheart): Thank you Cecily
[12:37 PM] Peaches2U Camino: hiiii
[12:38 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): It’s just for fun…we might have a DJ sometime…
[12:38 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): Everyone is welcome
[12:38 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡ thats cool
[12:38 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): That’s all…Thanks
[12:39 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven%20of%20Mermaids/129/57/30
[12:40 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): you know
[12:40 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): when you find a great event – ask the organizers if they want to put in our calendar
[12:40 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay anyone else wanna share?
[12:40 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we do not limit our calendar to SWF events – is really meant to be helpful to the undersea communities
[12:40 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) raises her hand
[12:40 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): /me
[12:41 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: swim on down Grace ㋡
[12:41 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): hmm
[12:42 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): just wanted to say the Jewels of the Sea continues to gather Friday 5:30 pm SLT
[12:42 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): weekly – I’ve scattered adboards around – trying to find Austrailians and Asian sea citizens as I think that time might be good for their time zone?
[12:42 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): asians had a huge community, big mall and sims – were very active
[12:43 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but rare now it seems – anything you can do to help me bring themhere would be appreciated
[12:43 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): there is a 10am SLT Seafolk Social Club meeting on Saturdays
[12:43 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): weekly but not here
[12:43 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and some other regular ones – check the calendar
[12:43 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I’ve not seen the Merman Collective for awhile?
[12:44 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah haven’t seen annoucments
[12:44 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): if you like discord – the Seafolk of SL discord is active and current – we have a link on our web site
[12:44 PM] Peaches2U Camino: and is the calendar going to happen?
[12:44 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): really a very modern and talented group
[12:44 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): yeah we are holding for a bit while we finish up events and such
[12:44 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): the merman collective that is
[12:44 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): what do you mean Peaches?
[12:44 PM] Peaches2U Camino: merman calendar?
[12:45 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): the were putting events into our calendar and have access
[12:45 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Matti just said they are taking a break I gather
[12:45 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): Oh that’s coming but officially the Relay For Life kickoff is in 1 week
[12:45 PM] Peaches2U Camino: YAY!
[12:45 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Social Club isn’t there either – we don’t chase people down – there are instructions on how to get items added at bottom of web page
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): would love to see that listed in the calendar Cecily
[12:46 PM] Ψ Matticus Merrow Ψ (Matticus Merrow): the merman pin up calendar is finished, as cecily says we are waiting for the relay for life kick off and then it will be for sale
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we support RFL but haven’t got a team together every – we are all volunteer so we take things as they come
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooooooh the fundraising calendar with mermen
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) starts to drool
[12:46 PM] Peaches2U Camino: Yesah
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): love the male form
[12:46 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): So the Mer Man Calendar will launch at kickoff because of the way RFL vendors work
[12:46 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): very cool
[12:47 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): The pictures are absolute art
[12:47 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): hope you’ll share the date etc when appropriate
[12:47 PM] Cecily Łυмιère (Cecily Corvinus): I would argue they’re even more editorial style than a classic pinup
[12:47 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): that is all I have o wise leader Miranda
[12:47 PM] Miranda Barrowstone grins
[12:48 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: any more shares? hand twitches over the the talking stick
[12:48 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ('•.¸¸(‘•.¸ ♬ ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
[12:48 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ♫('•.¸:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)♫ [12:48 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ,.´:* APPLAUSE !!!! *:´., [12:48 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): ☆ (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*☆☆*¨*:•.•:‘•.¸) ☆
[12:48 PM] Tirea Naring (TsioSan Ruby): (¸.•’´(¸.•’´ ♬ ´'•.¸)‘•.¸)
[12:48 PM] Peaches2U Camino: two questions please
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay takes the stick noticing recent nibbles
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I’m Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[12:49 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: We are totally inclusive, kids, mers, furs, landers all welcome.
LGBT+ friendly, we even allow for mer toplessness under water.
[12:49 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): did you talk to Echo Miranda about your mall portal?
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: Just don’t flash the humans cause they faint. they get nosebleeds, that attracts sharks, more paper work for dad…
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah I did
[12:50 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:50 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have a system called TCS. its a craft/trade/rp system that allows you to trade goods with other mers or landers. You can harvest and create things.
[12:51 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: we also have shops and houses to rent here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Bexar/178/107/2
[12:51 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em ㋡
[12:51 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: any one have a share? don’t be shy
[12:52 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): can be shy if you wish
[12:52 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): granny permission granted
[12:52 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: well yeah thats true too
[12:52 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: I can’t stop you…
[12:53 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I talk enough for 3
[12:53 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: or we can have 8 minutes of chaos if you like
[12:53 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay swim on up
[12:53 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ending early isn’t a bad thing I think
[12:53 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): nooooooooooo
[12:53 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: the chaos will generate its self
[12:53 PM] Granny Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): anyone want to go to that big event?
[12:54 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: I don’t think I can but I’ll take an lm for my brothers
[12:55 PM] Pão Pão (Bread Bae): be sure to check out my booth xD
[12:56 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: ㋡
[12:56 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: i’m gonna adjourn us.
[12:56 PM] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

Now go mingle and explore! Thanks for joining us this day!!