094 SWF Gathering 6 April 2024

[11:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): tala everymer
[11:54] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Tala Fina and Everyone
[11:54] Alyx (alyxadventures): Tala!
[11:55] Santih (susan.hunniton) wakens from her reverie, smiling all around.
[11:55] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you
[11:55] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[11:55] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): Tala!
[11:57] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): meow~
[11:57] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Tirea sends her apologies. She is not well so could not be here today
[11:57] Santih (susan.hunniton): awww…send our well wishes
[11:58] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): hope she gets better real soon!
[11:58] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Awwww ªª [11:58] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Sure I will. Thanks 🙂 [11:58] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I’m having to fill in for Miranda again [11:59] Nicholas Hawthorne: ? Tala ? [11:59] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): tala Nicholas! [11:59] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you [11:59] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[11:59] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): Tala all °?°
[12:00] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): is she ok Fina?
[12:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): she’s ok. she said she has a clashing commitment
[12:00] Santih (susan.hunniton): oh, aye…it does happen
[12:00] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): glad to hear shes is doing okies
[12:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) mrows grompily
[12:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): the new timing is much worse for me though…
[12:01] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst) gives Fina shrimpies
[12:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): used to be 1am, es now 3am
[12:01] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): yikes
[12:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I’m going to wait a couple more minutes and see if Granny is coming
[12:01] Santih (susan.hunniton): AM?
[12:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): yep am
[12:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): meoowwww~
[12:01] Nicholas Hawthorne: i think she is
[12:01] Santih (susan.hunniton): good grief…I am zzzz’d then
[12:02] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): mumblegrumble
[12:02] Alyx (alyxadventures): Ouch
[12:02] Alyx (alyxadventures) provides tea
[12:02] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): hey Granny, tala °?°
[12:02] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ok the matriarch is here
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): ta;a!!
[12:02] Santih (susan.hunniton): Weeee! ^.^
[12:02] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you
[12:02] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[12:02] Alyx (alyxadventures): Tala!
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): jaja
[12:02] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): we can start
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): awww dp
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): t jave tp wait for me Fina
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): dp not
[12:02] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): can’t type
[12:03] Nicholas Hawthorne: I’m trying to think, but nuthin’ happens…??
[12:03] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): HA HAHA HA..haha!!
[12:03] Santih (susan.hunniton): you are in great company, Granny
[12:03] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): no worries, we’ll start without you if you’re late enuff
[12:03] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): tala Syrena
[12:03] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you
[12:03] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[12:03] Santih (susan.hunniton): syrena
[12:04] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies let’s start the gathering!
[12:04] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): ~Tala~
[12:04] Sapphira Franizzi: lively crowd today
[12:04] Sapphira Franizzi: demulla fim’u muho
[12:04] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation’s weekly aquatic gathering. I’m Fina, one of SWF’s resident mercats (no, I’m not the only one) and I’ve been asked to stand in to lead today. =^-^=
[12:04] Santih (susan.hunniton): Weeee! ^.^
[12:04] Sapphira Franizzi: *ahem *Miranda slacker
[12:04] Sapphira Franizzi: ahem Miranda tratanna
[12:04] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I mean
[12:04] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): We have a new format (which is not really that new anymore =^-^=) so – without further ado,
[12:05] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[12:05] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group for merfolk and aquatics of SecondLife. We bring together designers, retailers, sim owners and managers, as well as merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of the same. (Including those perverted pirates – we’re all-inclusive! =^-^=)
[12:05] Santih (susan.hunniton): hehe
[12:05] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Unfortunately, we don’t have time to repeat for those who arrive late and/or depart early, but that’s okay, we post a meeting log on our website later – that would be http://www.swfsl.com – remember, our motto is Mer helping pirates be dragons! Oh wait…
[12:05] Santih (susan.hunniton) giggles
[12:06] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) shuffles her script and looks confused
[12:06] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): and perverted mermaids
[12:06] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): hehe
[12:06] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): there’s a sim for that
[12:06] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I think
[12:06] Santih (susan.hunniton) looks up innocently
[12:06] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst) giggles
[12:06] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): must be
[12:06] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): De-lagging: Because we usually have good attendance, it would be ace if you could remove extra attachments and HUDs, such as big poofy hair with resizers still in them, scripted weapons, bitcoin miners, griefer HUDs, bling jewellery from 2009 etc…
[12:06] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Never seen one so far
[12:06] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): firestorm has excellent class they offer on fixing your lag and lag you cause others
[12:06] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): if you use firestorm I highly recommend it
[12:07] Sapphira Franizzi: make sure not to fart, farting causes lag
[12:07] Sapphira Franizzi: luse llali delu ra ralu, hrellase llinase lasa
[12:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): So without further ado, let’s do everyone’s favorite part of the meeting!
[12:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): H O W W A S Y O U R W E E K, S E A F O L K ?????
[12:07] Matriarch Mermaid: munara sahode nullu Ho nullu kila sahode de llali tonalli an’u lasa
[12:07] Matriarch Mermaid: donate lindens too – too many lindens in your pocket cause lag
[12:07] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): nice and quiet
[12:07] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): spring has sprung!!
[12:08] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): yay
[12:08] Marion Sopwith (marion698): yeah!
[12:08] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I read a few days ago that
[12:08] Santih (susan.hunniton): emotional…my auld cat who is 21 is transitioning
[12:08] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): awweee
[12:08] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I went through that with a beloved pet Santih
[12:08] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Punxsutawney Phil has kids now
[12:08] Santih (susan.hunniton): my last furbaby
[12:08] Nicholas Hawthorne: lol what spring? i got 8 inches of snow from the last storm lol
[12:08] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Awwww ª
[12:08] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): hospice care is tough
[12:08] Santih (susan.hunniton): aye, it is
[12:08] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): sorry to hear that, Santih
[12:08] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): not bad but not good either
[12:09] Santih (susan.hunniton): thankies 🙂
[12:09] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): the feelings are real and important to acknowledge – not less for a pet in mho
[12:09] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): today I had a couple of cocktails at a mafia-looking Italian restaurant =^-^=
[12:09] Santih (susan.hunniton): I have had her since she was 3 days old…I am her mum
[12:09] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I thought of putting Moses’ picture on the memorial wall we have for awhile
[12:09] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): a pet is very much a family member!
[12:10] Alyx (alyxadventures) nodnods
[12:10] Santih (susan.hunniton): aye..
[12:11] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): let’s hope everything goes as smooth as it can
[12:11] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): make sure to allow yourself time to grieve if you need
[12:11] Santih (susan.hunniton): all is well
[12:11] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): moving on for a bit
[12:12] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Our priority today is SUPPORT – mers helping aquatics – dragons helping pirates.
[12:12] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): or something like that
[12:12] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): heh
[12:12] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Today’s meeting agenda will be as usual:

1) Opening of meeting (done)

2) Introduction of new folks who wish to be introduced

3) Sharing of questions and support requests

4) Sharing of public service announcements

5) Closing and reminder of SWF goals
[12:12] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): today’s talking stick is pre-nibbled, neener
[12:13] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): INTRODUCTIONS

Do we have any new merfolk? If you are new, say hi! No need for IMs or speakers order, just a few words will do. We’re interested to know maybe how you found SWF? Is there anything you love about being aquatic? What’s your favorite food – mine’s shrimpie snacks btw, and Antiquity’s kelp cakes are also bomb! Oh wait… I digress =^-^=
[12:13] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): If any of you have brought a guest with you today, yay! You can also introduce them, if they’re okay with it. If you’re shy and don’t prefer the spotlight, that’s okay too. Some of us prefer to just come and chill out in the company of their fellow aquatics… =^-^=
[12:13] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): food talk!
[12:13] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I’m not new, shrimp is my fav food and I talk too much
[12:14] Santih (susan.hunniton): with peapods, thankies
[12:14] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): granny is pretty much a coelacanth at this point
[12:15] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I usually run this part in a chill way
[12:15] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid) shivers
[12:15] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): if you are new BUT don’t prefer to have the spotlight on you, that’s okay too
[12:15] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): tala Peaches
[12:15] Sapphira Franizzi: you’re late
[12:15] Sapphira Franizzi: em’de sesa
[12:15] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you
[12:15] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[12:15] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): facepalms
[12:15] Santih (susan.hunniton): peaches
[12:15] Peaches2U Camino: Taloha^^
[12:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): since we’re all old, let’s move on =^-^=
[12:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): QUESTIONS AND SUPPORT REQUESTS

This next part is for questions and support requests, such as general questions. (How do merfolk make babies? Any RP sims for merfolk? How do I get my pirate lover to like kelp?) If you have a question you wish to share, IM me, and I will pass you the talking stick when it is your turn!
[12:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): You may swim up to the scratching post – I mean podium – or just right click and sit on it. If you want to stay in your seat, that’s perfectly fine as well!
[12:17] Santih (susan.hunniton): you are funny as heck, fina!
[12:17] Peaches2U Camino: scratching post^^
[12:17] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): most of these are pre-typed
[12:17] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): you spice it up
[12:17] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ain’t nobody got time to type it out fresh
[12:17] Sapphira Franizzi: my poor paws
[12:17] Sapphira Franizzi: to sessli lalla
[12:18] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies we have one request coming in
[12:18] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid) passes Fina a shrimp stuffed with catnip so she’ll feel betterr
[12:18] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Jameelah, stick is yours! don’t mind the bite marks
[12:19] Santih (susan.hunniton): hehe
[12:19] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): those are totally Munin’s
[12:19] Santih (susan.hunniton): uh huh
[12:20] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): hmm
[12:20] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): silly laptop
[12:20] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Jameelah, you there?
[12:20] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oh there you are
[12:20] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): tala everyone
[12:20] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you
[12:20] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•´
[12:20] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Tala Teddy
[12:20] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): Tala TeddySnuggleBear
[12:20] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): ¨°o.O Tala O.o°¨
[12:20] – ?? Teddy Bear ??- (teddysnugglebear.littlepaws): ?•.¸,?°?.?.?.. Snuggles Everyone..?.?.?°?,¸.•?
[12:21] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I am volunteer coordinator, and excited to help oout
[12:21] Sapphira Franizzi: yay
[12:21] Sapphira Franizzi: ralu
[12:21] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:21] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): for SWF?
[12:22] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I sent a notecard in SWF group, yes SWF.
[12:22] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[12:22] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies!
[12:22] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): If anyone interested in training, let me know
[12:22] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Jameelah is volunteer coordinator for the concierges I believe
[12:22] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): yes conceirge group
[12:22] [V/W] Treasure Chest: Thank you Morrigan Ravenhurst, for your awesome donation
[12:23] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): you might explain what concierge is J?
[12:23] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I do have question about the fantasy faire, will we have booth there
[12:23] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): yes – we are the event sponsor and have a small booth
[12:23] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I’m trying to work things out with the builders
[12:24] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): anyone who’d like to help build it and can do quality work please contact me
[12:24] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): is a small booth – most of our promotion comes out of the sponsorship
[12:24] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): Our conceirge are the hospitatlity team
[12:24] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): we are in the Sci Fi convention too
[12:24] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): when you say event sponsor
[12:24] Santih (susan.hunniton): when is the Faire?
[12:24] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): it is in the mer calendar on our web page santih www.swfsl.com
[12:24] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): do you mean we’re sponsoring a whole sim like last time?
[12:24] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): no
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): where they hold the events
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): we are the sponsor
[12:25] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): in past when did this way we could have mers out greeeting
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): and gives message when people arrive
[12:25] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): faire starts April 18th
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): and promo stuff
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid) eeps.
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I better get busy!!
[12:25] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ooh close to my RL burpday
[12:25] Santih (susan.hunniton): thankies, Jameela
[12:25] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): concierge training really helps link our helpers
[12:25] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): you’re welcome
[12:26] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): that’s in less than two weeks!
[12:26] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): get the background so you can represent the community successfully and within our goals
[12:26] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): its free
[12:26] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): HA HAHA HA..haha!!
[12:26] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): gets you a special tag for the event also
[12:27] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): we need concierges at our site here and at the event
[12:27] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): get a lot of traffic usually out of the event
[12:28] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I hope it’s not time slot work
[12:28] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): Our volunteer group in charge of welcoming and greeting visitors and fellow mers alike. During the fantasy faire would like to welcome visitors, answer any questions, and see how awesome we are.
[12:28] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): yup yup
[12:28] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): but anyways… this kitty is having less and less time for SL nowadays
[12:28] Santih (susan.hunniton) nods in understanding
[12:28] Nicholas Hawthorne: Yup
[12:29] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): anyways we interrupt your scheduled entertainment to bring you an important message
[12:29] drákos (kraken.darkheart): What are we doing in Fantasy Fayre though?
[12:29] Alyx (alyxadventures): Spending all our ill gotten gains?
[12:30] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): please IM me if you have announcements or anything to promote =^-^= we currently have one announcement pending!
[12:30] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): thank you everyone ?
[12:30] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): all for charity, Alyx
[12:30] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:30] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): thankies Jameelah
[12:30] Santih (susan.hunniton) smiles
[12:31] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): apparently FF is one of the largest fundraisers in the world, beating out many RL ones
[12:31] Santih (susan.hunniton): WOW
[12:31] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies without further ado
[12:31] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS

This section is for anyone with publicity, or anything fun to share! New store? New sim? Upcoming event? News? Shrimpie recipes? IM me and I will give you the talking stick!

For the best and smoothest meeting, keep the announcement brief if possible. If you have a notecard, landmark etc ready to share, even better – you can offer to give them out to any interested parties who IM you, for example.

Come right up! or just type from your seat if you’re feeling lazy =^-^=
[12:32] Santih (susan.hunniton) waves, feeling lazy
[12:32] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): let’s put our fins together for our first announcement from our very won
[12:32] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): own
[12:32] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Webmerstress
[12:32] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Dana!
[12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Dana!!
[12:32] Santih (susan.hunniton) applauds
[12:32] Dana Enyo: Tala! I sent a notice on this a while back, but letting you all know again about my AKUMAL-P bento tail, which is what I’m wearing. This is my first tail using the new super-shiny PBR materials.
[12:32] Alyx (alyxadventures) applauds!
[12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): [rpvp
[12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): •.¸’•.¸ ? ¸.•´¸.•
[12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): .•• BRAVO!!!! •¨?•.
[12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): ¸.•¸.•*´ ?•.¸`•.¸ [12:32] Dana Enyo: Unless you are using the SL viewer or Firestorm Beta viewer you can’t see the texture, so I’ve made a video which I’ll give you in a moment. [12:32] Dana Enyo: Most important, this L$99 is a BENEFIT with 100% of your L$ (except the 10% MP takes off the top) goes directly to SWF. Like my older Benefit tails. [12:32] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I announced info about it last week [12:33] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): Tala Rhodan [12:33] Dana Enyo: OK! SO here’s the URL where you can se how it looks in motion! I hope Firestorm does their full release this month! https://flic.kr/p/2pFihK4 [12:33] Santih (susan.hunniton) Greets you [12:33] Santih (susan.hunniton): ‘•.¸ Tala….¸.•*´
[12:33] Santih (susan.hunniton): rhodan
[12:33] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Hi lil fishies.
[12:33] Dana Enyo: PBR is HUGELY fun. And wearing it can create some surprises
[12:33] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I saw some huge notice when I logged in today
[12:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): tala Rhodan
[12:33] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): surprises?
[12:33] Dana Enyo: it responds TOTALLY to the environment
[12:33] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): shrimp?
[12:33] Santih (susan.hunniton): hehe
[12:34] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): a tail providing shrimp awesome concept
[12:34] Dana Enyo: So you may go from one sim to one with different lighting, and have your tail look VERY different.
[12:34] Santih (susan.hunniton): awesome
[12:34] Santih (susan.hunniton): I have tried it and it is true
[12:34] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): The merperson skellington in Kelpwick’s library has some PBR. I’ve been told it looks real neato.
[12:34] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): *facepalms*
[12:34] Dana Enyo: Anyway, please check the video! And buy the tail to try out. (Buy in my mainstore and SWF gets the whole 99L)
[12:34] Dana Enyo: Thanks!
[12:35] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): do share what Kelpwicks’s library is pelase?
[12:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): that’s Rhodan’s sim I think
[12:35] Dana Enyo: Ive been on the beta grid…
[12:35] Dana Enyo: wait till you see the MIRRORS!
[12:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oo
[12:35] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): beta grid?
[12:35] Dana Enyo: Perfectly clear, sharp mirror images
[12:35] Nicholas Hawthorne: Ooh…
[12:35] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid) thumps on her translator
[12:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): anyways… our second announcement
[12:35] Dana Enyo: The test grid, where LL breaks things before bringing them here
[12:35] Santih (susan.hunniton): hehe
[12:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): is from Santih – the stick is yours!
[12:35] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): ok
[12:36] Santih (susan.hunniton) takes the stick and smiles,
[12:36] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): can someone tell about the libarary please?
[12:36] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): is Rhodan here?
[12:36] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): he is
[12:36] Santih (susan.hunniton): thankies…a while back, I compiled a list to help mers find tails, aos’s etc. i have updated it and would love to share it if you lilke
[12:36] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Nu-uh I am a mirage.
[12:36] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): snork
[12:36] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[12:37] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): facepalms
[12:37] Santih (susan.hunniton): I sent to all…
[12:37] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:37] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ? Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ?
[12:37] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Yes please Santih
[12:37] Santih (susan.hunniton): welkies 🙂
[12:37] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): ( ?_?)?
[12:37] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): thx
[12:37] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): ty
[12:37] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Thank you
[12:38] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Very useful for helping new and old Merfolk
[12:38] Nicholas Hawthorne: :O
[12:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): AND OLD
[12:38] Santih (susan.hunniton): manylinks, prices, lm’s etc
[12:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): NO NEW MERFOLK TODAY
[12:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ALL OLD
[12:38] Marion Sopwith (marion698): Cyes indeed
[12:38] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): some very old
[12:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): HeHeHeHeHeHe
[12:38] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): some of us are ancient….hehe
[12:38] Nicholas Hawthorne: O.o PFFFFFF o.0
[12:38] Santih (susan.hunniton) hands the naed stick back to fina
[12:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:38] Santih (susan.hunniton): *nawed
[12:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): just a reminder, IM me if you have an announcement and I’ll place you in the queue!
[12:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): third announcement
[12:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): please put our fins together for
[12:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Morrigan!
[12:39] Santih (susan.hunniton) applauds loudly
[12:39] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst) takes the stick and gives Fina some shrimpies
[12:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): =^.^= *Nahm Nahm Nahm!*
[12:40] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): :3
[12:40] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): Hello everyone, I don’t speak up much here, but I wanted to make you aware of my hangout, Isle of Anu Aquatic Life, it’s nearly a half sim of wonderful mermaid heaven and is available to all, you can either click on my ad board for more information (there is one here) or simply go there using this slurl: Anu (15,38,1)
[12:40] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): thanks!
[12:41] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Yay neat!
[12:41] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:41] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst) hands the stick back to Fina with more shrimpies
[12:41] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): =^.^= Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[12:41] Santih (susan.hunniton): thankies!
[12:41] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): miiiiiow
[12:41] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Thank you Morrigan
[12:42] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): my pleasure °?°
[12:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): that’s the end of the list currently, IM me if anyone’s got any more announcements or shares!
[12:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): if not, I have one, which is my usual
[12:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): because Rhodan reminded me of something
[12:42] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): did you odo the antiquoty ones?
[12:42] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): will rhodan talk more of his library?
[12:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I don’t do the antiquity ones
[12:43] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): that’s Miranda’s business
[12:43] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): my usual announcement is about my mermish generator HUD
[12:43] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): go ahead and share for Miranda please
[12:43] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): It’s just a singular building in Kelpwick with a library theme. And a mer skellington or two.
[12:43] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): for builders?
[12:43] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): full perm?
[12:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I don’t remember exactly who’s putting it up for sale for RFL, but keep a lookout for it during FF or other events!
[12:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): alternatively, you can just nab a copy from me =^-^=
[12:44] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): there used to be a store in the FD mall – is it related from that
[12:44] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): working on that fina!
[12:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): those who already have it, feel free to share it around
[12:44] Sapphira Franizzi: it’s very advanced
[12:44] Sapphira Franizzi: la’tan de’o tannumulla
[12:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): special thanks to Rhodan who gave me an important idea for one of the latest versions
[12:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): back in 2021 or so
[12:44] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): if you wear the HUD you can see the garbled things Fina says
[12:45] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): to use pseudorandom values for the translation instead of fully random
[12:45] Matriarch Mermaid: To’lu tonunu nadena
[12:45] Matriarch Mermaid: I’m always garbled
[12:45] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Oh yeah, I shared some stuff I did for the dolphin translator I was working on at the time.
[12:45] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): that’s all
[12:45] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Antiquity stuff is not my problem =^-^= Miranda can do that when she’s here
[12:45] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): ok
[12:45] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): may I share
[12:45] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I would like the mermish hud, I think I got one a while ago at FF if I recall.
[12:45] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Pseudorandom is the best option some of the time, every time.
[12:46] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies, stick is yours Granny
[12:46] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[12:46] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Antiquity is one of the corporate sponsors of SWF
[12:46] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[12:46] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): fully support the mission and goals of our foundation – and contributes regularly
[12:46] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): thank you ?
[12:47] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): they have a mer mall (not very developed yet) and a lot of swims to explore
[12:47] drákos (kraken.darkheart): What is a “Corporate Sponsor”? out of curiosity
[12:47] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): they require tops if you are female and go above water
[12:47] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): moment on that question drakos
[12:47] Sapphira Franizzi: yeah what is a *corporate *sponsor?
[12:47] Sapphira Franizzi: trara llilli fan nu corporate sponsor?
[12:48] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Miranda is from there and they have a mer group with fun activities that don’t cost much usually
[12:48] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail) wouldn’t mind a top now and then, either…
[12:48] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): corporate sponsors are companies in SL who fully support and contribute to the mission and goals of SWF
[12:48] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Chicky Darkhart is the coordinator and out on a sanity break at RL beach right now
[12:48] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): parters
[12:48] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): did I say sponsors? they are partners
[12:49] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): partners can nominate otheers
[12:49] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oh I thought Chicky was coordinating for Antiquity
[12:49] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): you mean coordinating for corporate partners?
[12:49] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): and partnership is by invitation only and involves an annual donation
[12:49] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): no I think Miranda is the Antiquity coordinator
[12:49] Sapphira Franizzi: hey, who farted?
[12:49] Sapphira Franizzi: ta, tanlu denulan?
[12:50] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): yes Chicky handles the invitations and getting the partner benefits to them
[12:50] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies
[12:50] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): they have a free adboard for a year, a portal in our partner building and are represented in our promotional efforts
[12:50] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I have been giving out a few invitations but really hoping chicky jumps back on it – as everything we do is reasonably priced so open to many
[12:51] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): Haven sims are a corporate partner also
[12:51] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): thank you Drako!!
[12:51] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): the partner building is the most popular area of our sim
[12:51] drákos (kraken.darkheart): Welcome Grace. I know that. I was just confused with the word “Sponsors” 🙂
[12:51] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): does it has snacks?
[12:51] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): it has portals to the partner sites – but also has the portals to the SWF hangouts
[12:51] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): a great place to show visitors
[12:52] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): sorry – I keep slipping up on that word
[12:52] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): other questions?
[12:52] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): I notice adboard rentals are going down
[12:52] Santih (susan.hunniton): what’s for lunch?
[12:52] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[12:52] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): would love a volunteer to recruit more creators again…..
[12:52] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): SHIMP Santih!
[12:53] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): +R = SHRIMP
[12:53] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): I’ve been buying these veggie steaks that I would kill for. Pretty sure cocaine is vegan, that would explain a lot.
[12:53] Santih (susan.hunniton) hands out a platter for all
[12:53] Alyx (alyxadventures): nomnomnom
[12:53] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): from where? I like veggie stuff
[12:53] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I’m starved hehe, just in time food
[12:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ok so
[12:54] Santih (susan.hunniton): lots of shrimp, too
[12:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): anyone has any last minute shares? else I’ll adjourn
[12:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): and we can have CHAOS
[12:54] Nicholas Hawthorne: \o/
[12:54] Dana Enyo: Gotta take my tail over to another meeting
[12:55] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): remember to send web additions to Dana!
[12:55] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okay where’s the adjournment part
[12:55] Peaches2U Camino: i gots one^^
[12:55] Santih (susan.hunniton): aye, I have to rest my injured knee that doesn’t like my desktop position
[12:55] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): dangit Peaches, ya gotta IM me earlier
[12:55] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): what’s name of Dana’s store?
[12:55] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): thank god for my cordless keyboard
[12:55] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): Local supermarket brand, Fina. I don’t think they have them outside my foreign parts.
[12:55] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): I will go get that tail
[12:55] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): stick is yours, Peaches
[12:55] Peaches2U Camino: ~Persu Em~ [12:55] Peaches2U Camino: Thank you [12:55] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): what is announcement? [12:55] Dana Enyo: En YO! LInks are on the video page [12:55] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): peaches? [12:55] Santih (susan.hunniton): been good to be here. [12:55] Peaches2U Camino: gotta stay awake for that^^ [12:56] Santih (susan.hunniton) bids you Safe Waters [12:56] Santih (susan.hunniton): Lusa Em~~
[12:56] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): great
[12:56] Peaches2U Camino: SL gave us more prims!!!!!!!!
[12:56] Marion Sopwith (marion698): lusa em:)
[12:56] Peaches2U Camino: did you guys get the heads up for that??
[12:56] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): what do you mean?
[12:56] ?S?r??? Fir?born? (shimmeringscales6): •°o.O. Lusa Em .O.o°•
[12:56] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): nope
[12:56] Santih (susan.hunniton) waves and swims away, happy her mertail doesn’t have knees
[12:56] Peaches2U Camino: latest LL news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAMkqgTKnJA
[12:57] Granny Grace (matriarch.mermaid): thanks Peaches!!
[12:57] Peaches2U Camino: basic way to explain the vid
[12:57] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): they did something to the simulator that makes it re-evaluate primmage and makes it less
[12:57] Peaches2U Camino: they LIGHTENED the weight of MESH on sl
[12:57] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): everyone get prims?
[12:57] Peaches2U Camino: it already happened
[12:57] Peaches2U Camino: everyone gets more on their land
[12:58] Peaches2U Camino: think of mesh as built with FEATHERS
[12:58] Peaches2U Camino: instead of regular PRIMS
[12:58] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): wow, it’s only right to do that, good news
[12:58] Peaches2U Camino: mesh is less land impact
[12:58] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oh
[12:58] Peaches2U Camino: with the wave of their magic wand
[12:58] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): when will this hit FS though, I wonder
[12:58] Peaches2U Camino: they REDUCED the weight of mesh over all of SEcond Life
[12:59] Peaches2U Camino: already done
[12:59] Peaches2U Camino: look at your Aboout Land
[12:59] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[12:59] Peaches2U Camino: *About Land
[12:59] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): all mesh stuff is lighter in primmage
[12:59] Alyx (alyxadventures): Yeah I gained a whole load on my little parcel 😀
[12:59] Nicholas Hawthorne: it’s server side, not client side. but as for PBR FS doesn’t yet have it
[12:59] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): I think what Peach meant is it was already light before but got even lighter
[12:59] Peaches2U Camino: yaaaaaaaay
[12:59] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): It means people can fit more mesh on their land, but doesn’t make mesh any easier on your computer or the server. So lag sill still be the same. Or worse if people cram in more mesh.
[13:00] Peaches2U Camino: Yesah
[13:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): (and not all mesh stuff is lighter)
[13:00] Peaches2U Camino: too true^^
[13:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): a big cube, for example, will be lighter as a prim
[13:00] Peaches2U Camino: done^^
[13:00] Peaches2U Camino: hands the stick back with shrimpie on it
[13:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies time to adjourn
[13:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): BUT I SHALL ADJOURN IN MERMISH
[13:01] Rhodan Fishbottoms (rhodan.fishtail): What’s a journ?
[13:01] Sapphira Franizzi: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
    [13:01] Sapphira Franizzi: Lulli nura’o fan ora sallanulli. Selullian mura LILU tonunura ra samuo lali demullanulto lla llaliluli fim’use ra tolli’umu hrenalilla de llali anlanu setantan selu olo fan lla llaliluli hresalusa ra luse ses tanranasa Tanllase, lamula’e, ansemu, sase’olla, salla, sahodenul odelu e onalla selulliandelli ra samuo, tra nusenunul, salla llali anlusalli sess ses tanranasa na della nullla sessse’ora ra nul osasala ra llali hresalusala ra nuli’u llali tratannamuli sess an onalla, mu’e e limullanu e llali llanutan selu llinase la nullu
    [13:01] Jameelah (simone.lyvette): lusa em
    [13:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okay now time to clean up the transcript cuz Dana wants it
    [13:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): meoowwww~
    [13:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): FEEL FREE TO PARTAKE IN CHAOS
    [13:01] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): or to leave anytime =^-^=