031 SWF Gathering 17 December 2022

[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: okies it’s 10, let’s start
[10:01] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): heheheh
[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: I’ve been asked about 10 minutes before to lead the meeting
[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: because Miranda is feeling unwell, probably because her (and everyone’s) favorite team, Morocco, got dumpstered
[10:02] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): A Fina Meeeeting
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: or mebbes her shrimpies weren’t cooked properly
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: so anyways
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation’s weekly aquatic gathering. I’m Fina, one of SWF’s resident mercats (no, I’m not the only one) and I’ve been asked to stand in to lead today. =^-^=
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: We have a new format (which is not really that new anymore =^-^=) so – without further ado,
[10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: Welcome new and old (and ancient) aquatics and friends!
[10:03] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): YAY!
[10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group for merfolk and aquatics of SecondLife. We bring together designers, retailers, sim owners and managers, as well as merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of the same. (Including those perverted pirates – we’re all-inclusive! =^-^=)
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: all, and I mean ALL, are welcome, even if yew has legs
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: they ugly but we don’t judge
[10:04] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): hehe
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: Unfortunately, we don’t have time to repeat for those who arrive late and/or depart early, but that’s okay, we post a meeting log on our website later – that would be http://www.safewatersfoundation.com – remember, our motto is Mer helping aquatics be dragons! Oh wait…
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: uhh
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: that’s a copy-paste, I think the website is no longer that
[10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: I check later
[10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: De-lagging: Because we usually have good attendance, it would be ace if you could remove extra attachments and HUDs, such as big poofy hair with resizers still in them, scripted weapons, poop rezzers, breedable pets, bitcoin miners, griefer HUDs, bling jewellery from 2009 etc…
[10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Lux
[10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: please make yourself comfy =^-^=
[10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: So without further ado, let’s do everyone’s favorite part of the meeting!
[10:05] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Lux ?
[10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: H O W W A S Y O U R W E E K, S E A F O L K ?????
[10:06] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): busy but quiet, yours?
[10:06] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Pretty great~!
[10:06] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
[10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: yayyy
[10:06] Marion Sopwith (marion698): cold and snowy
[10:06] ??? ????? ???? (lux.hexem): ?
[10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: tbh mine was fucking horrible
[10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: I had a staycation get ruined
[10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: had to cut it short by one night and return home early
[10:06] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): sorry to hear
[10:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) meows grompily
[10:07] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ugh im sorry
[10:07] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Mine’s been OK…given I work retail…but I’ll persevere.
[10:07] Definitely Not Miranda: anyways let’s hear about everyone’s week before new intros and Q&A!
[10:07] Definitely Not Miranda: ope
[10:07] Definitely Not Miranda: sure don’t envy retail heroes these few weeks
[10:07] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Luxyyy <3
[10:07] Definitely Not Miranda: hang in there Christine!
[10:08] Definitely Not Miranda: anywhos
[10:08] Definitely Not Miranda: hope everyone has a great (or at least passable) wootmas next week =^-^=
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: gonna move on to intros
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: Our priority today is SUPPORT – mers helping aquatics – dragons helping pirates.
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: Today’s meeting agenda will be as usual:

1) Opening of meeting (done)

2) Introduction of new folks who wish to be introduced

3) Sharing of questions and support requests

4) Sharing of public service announcements

5) Closing and reminder of SWF goals

We have an invisible, imaginary talking stick which we roleplay with for parts 3 and 4 of the meeting. For those, IM me – at any time, even before the section is announced is okay – and I will set you up in the order of speakers.
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: INTRODUCTIONS

Do we have any new merfolk? If you are new, say hi! No need for IMs or speakers order, just a few words will do. We’re interested to know maybe how you found SWF? Is there anything you love about being aquatic? What’s your favorite food – mine’s shrimpie snacks btw, and Antiquity’s kelp cakes are also bomb! Oh wait… I digress =^-^=

If any of you have brought a guest with you today, yay! You can also introduce them, if they’re okay with it. If you’re shy and don’t prefer the spotlight, that’s okay too. Some of us prefer to just come and chill out in the company of their fellow aquatics… =^-^=
[10:10] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): I’ve brought a guest :O
[10:10] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): MermadeSL is my store bot hahah, he’s here for promo later 😀
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: now this is the part where I just chill out, because I don’t believe in giving people the spotlight unless they consent to it
[10:10] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:10] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: does he want to do a self intro?
[10:10] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): lol fina.. yes
[10:10] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): agree on the non consent haha
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: if he doesn’t, that’s completely fine =^-^= consent is the name of the game here
[10:10] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): HE”S TALKING
[10:11] mermadesl: Hullo. I am MerDaddy… I mean, MermadeSL. I’m a bot. She makes me float alone, with no company for hours at a time in the store. HELP ME, SHE NEVER LETS ME SPEAK
[10:11] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ut ohs 0.0
[10:11] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): lmao
[10:11] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie) giggles.
[10:11] Definitely Not Miranda: cheeky yew naughty mer
[10:11] Definitely Not Miranda: bots has rights too
[10:11] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): 😉 He’s really here just to be shown off LOL
[10:12] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ROFL
[10:12] Definitely Not Miranda: anyways, please put your fins together for MermadeSL!!!
[10:12] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): <3 [10:12] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): ** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE
[10:12] Definitely Not Miranda: we welcome all mer and seafolk, whether they are real people or bots
[10:12] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie) claps.
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: any other self intros?
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: if not I moves on
[10:13] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle) giggles
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: we has already three confirmed announcements, so mebbes I’ll move faster through intros and Q&A
[10:13] Starlata: Tala…I’m Starlata. I’ve been rp’ing a siren for several years. Been away due to health issues, but have just returned. I currently rp at the awesome Mystic Realms where we have a beautiful aquatic community.
[10:13] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:13] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:14] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Lux is here in diver gear. She’s adorable, but also currently working on art so I’m speaking for her. ?
[10:14] Definitely Not Miranda: ooh welcome back Starlata! hope 2023 will be a great year for you health wise
[10:14] Starlata: Thank you
[10:14] Definitely Not Miranda: aaaaaaaand welcome to Lux!!
[10:14] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): She has a store called Muu and made some lovely scales
[10:14] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:14] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:14] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Welcome back.
[10:14] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Muu’s scales are the best
[10:15] Definitely Not Miranda: is she on MP?
[10:15] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): agreed. there are merman ones and mermaid ones
[10:15] Definitely Not Miranda: yayyyyy
[10:16] Definitely Not Miranda: okies if anyone wants to say hi, shout it in local meows, else I moves on!
[10:16] Definitely Not Miranda: anyone else
[10:16] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): OMG I HAVE CAROLERS OUTSIDE
[10:16] Luna Murasaki (lunamurasaki): Aww lol
[10:17] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:17] Definitely Not Miranda: also, I just IMed our WebMerstress Dana
[10:17] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): And she’s @LuxxieLittle on Twitter, where she’ll sometimes do art commissions like this super cute one of Matti: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/971271532305330176/1044563557167149106/Cecily_Matti_HeartEmote500px.png
[10:17] Definitely Not Miranda: the website url is now https://www.swfsl.com
[10:17] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): tks
[10:17] Definitely Not Miranda: QUESTIONS AND SUPPORT REQUESTS

This next part is for questions and support requests, such as general questions. (How do merfolk make babies? Any RP sims for merfolk? How do I get my pirate lover to like kelp?) If you have a question you wish to share, IM me, and I will pass you the talking stick when it is your turn!

The person who holds the talking stick is vested the power to speak, and all shall listen attentively. =^-^= Those who have more knowledge or experience are welcome to contribute. Unfortunately our meeting time is not unlimited – while discussion is great, I’ll nudge the meeting along if needed.

You may swim up to the scratching post – I mean podium – or just right click and sit on it. If you want to stay in your seat, that’s perfectly fine as well!
[10:18] Definitely Not Miranda: this is the part where we don’t usually have to use the stick to take turns
[10:19] Definitely Not Miranda: if anymer has a question or support request, just blast it out in local
[10:19] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) scratches the podium
[10:20] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Marion
[10:20] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Guess we’re all good?
[10:20] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): All good here~ :3
[10:20] Definitely Not Miranda: I’m about to wrap up Q&A, unless anyone’s got anything?
[10:20] Luna Murasaki (lunamurasaki): 🙂
[10:21] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): I’d actually really likw to know
[10:21] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): how the RP is at Mystic Realms
[10:21] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:21] Popotan (popotan2015): Me as well
[10:21] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): It was very quiet when the regions first opened – is it busy? UK/Euro timezone friendly?
[10:21] Definitely Not Miranda: Starlata, would you like to talk about it a bit here?
[10:21] Definitely Not Miranda: if you prefer not to it’s okay as well
[10:22] Starlata: It’s doing pretty good. We are actively working on it and have some great plans.
[10:22] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: brb 1-2 min
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: keep chatting
[10:22] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): are they many mer players now? 🙂
[10:23] Starlata: I am part of the aquatic community and we are currently working on some awesome rp scenarios
[10:23] Definitely Not Miranda: back
[10:23] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Ooo that’s good to know. I’d be tempted to try it out but I tend to be shy about joining something new
[10:23] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Adimay!
[10:23] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): I’d love to help out starlata with RP events if you need any musical entertainers too ?
[10:23] Starlata: I’m rather new so haven’t met all of them yet
[10:23] adimay: hello
[10:24] Definitely Not Miranda: translation: Cecily wants someone to bring her there
[10:24] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): hahah
[10:24] Starlata: I’m actually working on building the Siren community
[10:24] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:24] Starlata: However, we welcome all types of aquatic life
[10:25] Definitely Not Miranda: is it medieval fantasy?
[10:25] Starlata: We are focused on creating a strong roleplay environment
[10:25] Starlata: Good, evil and in between
[10:25] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:26] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): TMR is Medi-fantasy, but they run a really great system where the players shape the world, shape the story, and there’s isn’t much out of bounds for characters so long as you’re reasonable and have a good chat. I only ever played there on land.
[10:26] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:27] Definitely Not Miranda: yay for building the siren community then =^-^=
[10:27] Definitely Not Miranda: the mers are taking over!
[10:27] Starlata: We do have a website if you would like to check it out
[10:27] Starlata: https://www.themysticrealmssl.com/
[10:27] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Popotan =^-^=
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: this kinda veered into announcement realm, making you the unofficial first announcement, Starlata =^-^=
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: in future meetings, feel free to advertise Mystic Realms if you want
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: whenever you want
[10:29] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): honestly, advertise it every meeting you are here ?
[10:29] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Saer =^-^=
[10:29] Definitely Not Miranda: any other Q&A?
[10:29] ?? ? ? R ™ (saer.genosse): ?˜•. T?L? .•˜?
[10:29] Definitely Not Miranda: if not, let’s go to the fun part – announcements!
[10:29] Definitely Not Miranda: if you has no questions, you can click my head and give me pettings =^-^=
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS

This section is for anyone with publicity, or anything fun to share! New store? New sim? Upcoming event? News? Shrimpie recipes? IM me and I will give you the talking stick!

For the best and smoothest meeting, keep the announcement brief if possible. If you have a notecard, landmark etc ready to share, even better – you can offer to give them out to any interested parties who IM you, for example.

Come right up! or just type from your seat if you’re feeling lazy =^-^=
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: we has three announcements queued up – if anyone has an annoucement, please IM me!
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: and without further ado, let’s have our first announcement, from…
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: drumroll
[10:31] Definitely Not Miranda: Christine!
[10:31] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Ok im out for RL stuff! bye all! ?
[10:31] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Bye Matti!
[10:31] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Hello, all. Your resident Arielholic here with some great news about our favorite Little Mermaid.
[10:31] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): :-.,,.-:’'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'‘*
[10:31] Sapphira Franizzi: oot
[10:31] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:31] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): She…IS your favorite, right? ‘Cause otherwise I can stop right now. 🙂
[10:32] Definitely Not Miranda: which one though… the Halle Bailey one, or?
[10:32] Luna Murasaki (lunamurasaki): Ehehe
[10:33] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Definitely a fan
[10:33] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Anyway, this week, the Library of Congress announced that the original animated film will be added to the Nation Film Registry for its historical and cultural significance!
[10:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): :-.,,.-:
[10:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:33] Definitely Not Miranda: that’s… how many Disney films meows? lemme google
[10:34] Definitely Not Miranda: oh a very large number lol
[10:34] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): They choose 25 films for registry every year and TLM made the cut this year, along with “Iron Man”, “Hairspray” and…”Carrie”…hmmm…
[10:34] ?? ? ? R ™ (saer.genosse): lol
[10:34] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:34] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): So it’s nice to hear that our beloved Ariel will be secured in history forever. 🙂
[10:35] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): That’s awesome
[10:35] Definitely Not Miranda: =^-^=
[10:35] Definitely Not Miranda: such exciting mews indeed!
[10:35] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): If you’d like to talk about it with other Arielholics, be sure to join the Arielholics Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArielHolics
[10:36] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): As long as you’re not being a jerk about the skin color of the 2023 Ariel, we’ll be happy to let you in. 🙂
[10:36] Definitely Not Miranda: if you are, you’re no arielholic
[10:36] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie) curtsies and says, “Thank you.” She passes the stick back to Fina.
[10:36] Definitely Not Miranda: mew!
[10:36] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): :-.,_,.-:'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'‘*
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies Christine for that exciting piece of Arielholism
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: next up we have…
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: drumroll
[10:37] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) needs drumroll gesture
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: Cecily!!!!
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: yay she’s not afk
[10:37] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): rofl
[10:37] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: F??? ?? has gained total fluffiness level ~ 1540!
[10:37] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:38] Luna Murasaki (lunamurasaki): 🙂
[10:38] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Cecilyyyyyy <3
[10:38] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle) nods at the talking stick, but keeps the giant giftbox in her hands
[10:38] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Tala!
[10:38] Definitely Not Miranda starts nibbling the stick
[10:38] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Exclusively at Fanci’s Deep Mer Mall here at SWF, I’ve placed a super special random present giver. Nooo X( groups are required and all you have to do is click it once to receive your gift~

I’m also wearing one you can click, but the one at the mer mall has some extra special surprises. So everyone here gets the chance for TWO gifts instead of just one!
[10:39] Second Life: Cecily’s a ho ho ho owned by Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle) gave you ‘Zen Child Designs – Querida Mia 2022 GIFT Wine A (Left Hold)’ ( Union Passage (49,236,1) ).
[10:39] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): YAY
[10:39] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Also…
[10:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) paws at the gift box in Cecily’s hands
[10:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): mew?
[10:39] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): For those of you who may not know, we have a Seafolk of SL Discord server for help and socialization outside of SL. This isn’t meant to be a substitute, but rather a helpful resource for finding events, vendors, recommendations and asking for help with all things aquatic in SL.

This is the invitation: https://discord.gg/XDDw2yzVnG
[10:39] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Feel free to DM me if you need any LMs!
Happy Holidays and thank you ?
[10:39] adimay: ty cecily
[10:39] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I hope y’all enjoy the fun gifts!
[10:40] Christine Wolvie (chriswolvie): Afraid, I have to go. Lusa em, all and happy holidays
[10:40] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): lusa em
[10:40] Definitely Not Miranda: tc Christine
[10:40] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): This year my theme was black and white, gothmas inspiration
[10:40] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): :-.,,.-:’'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'‘*
[10:40] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ???
[10:40] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ???
[10:40] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ???
[10:41] Definitely Not Miranda: oopsie
[10:41] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Have a wonderful day~
[10:41] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies Cecily for the wonderful gifts!!
[10:41] Definitely Not Miranda: third announcement in the queue
[10:42] Definitely Not Miranda: is from our very own beloved resident bot abuser
[10:42] Definitely Not Miranda: also starting with C
[10:42] Definitely Not Miranda: all announcers starting with C today
[10:42] Definitely Not Miranda: let’s welcome Cheeky Biscuit!!!!
[10:42] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Hey everyone 🙂 I’m Cheeky (apparently), but most people know me as Neve. MermadeSL over there,\ is the bot from my store – normally floating there silently modelling my stuff!
[10:42] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): I’m in TWO sales this weekend – goodies from 50L to 99L – all mer, all festive!
[10:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): OHHH MYY GAHHH
[10:42] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): This week Snowflake releases for Wanderlust Weekend (worn by Matti and I!)
This snowflake topper will work over any base tail layer, and has custom materials and an options hud! It’s 50L for just this weekend. Out now at the mermade. mainstore! ? https://flic.kr/p/2o6pqjv
[10:43] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): :-.,,.-:
[10:43] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Also released today is Gingerbread (worn by Cecily and MermadeSL)! This is for Fa La La La… Candy! Which is running from 17th to 31st December and the creator’s mainstores. This Gingerbread tail comes in four options – three colours with a full tail, and one that is just the Gingerbread fins to wear with any of your favourite base tails! They’re 99L per colour/pack and available right through the end of December!
Also out now at the mermade. mainstore! ? https://flic.kr/p/2o6n8WL
[10:44] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): As many of you know we have an ice skating rink at Crystal Coast for the holidays! You can hop on over and grab free skates, scarf and cocoa. Gifts are for group members, but group is free to join. https://www.flickr.com/photos/191764076@N03/52527875230/in/dateposted/
[10:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oo gingerbread
[10:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi) nibbles Cecily’s tail
[10:44] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Don’t forget you’re welcome to explore, swim and hangout at Crystal Coast whenever you like, we’ve got 35 meters of cool clear water for when you need to chill after you’ve shopped. Crystal Coast (231,106,37)
[10:45] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Thanks everyoooone, I don’t know if we’re meeting next week as it’s Christmas Eve, but I most likely won’t be able to join you so I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays and to thank you for your support all year ???
[10:45] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:45] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:45] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies Cecily for the TWO SALES!!!!
[10:45] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle) giggles “Fina, that tickles”
[10:45] Definitely Not Miranda: make sure to grab your tail appliers while they’re on offer
[10:46] Definitely Not Miranda: as for next week, good question
[10:46] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Yes I love the gingerbread and you can wear it over other tails and still use the materials
[10:46] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ???????? ????????
[10:46] Definitely Not Miranda: also, Wootmas and New Year are always on the same day iirc
[10:46] Definitely Not Miranda: so that’s potentially two weeks of no mer meeting
[10:46] Definitely Not Miranda: but that’s okies
[10:47] Definitely Not Miranda: no one else has IMed me, so
[10:47] Definitely Not Miranda: are there any more announcements to share?
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: oh wait
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: I has the usual boring ones
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: =^-^=
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: lemme find them real quick
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: ANNOUNCEMENTS

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.

Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group twice a day. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.

You might also consider being a hang out. Munin and Vokun are two of the best hang outs in SWF.

Please also check our mer-mall just past the headquarters. store space available and lots of great things.

Last but NOT least, be sure to visit the Safe Waters Foundation web site and event calendar at https://www.swfsl.com
[10:49] Definitely Not Miranda: if no one else has any announcements, shall we wrap up early?
[10:50] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): hehe well done, Defintely Not Miranda 😛
[10:50] Definitely Not Miranda: =^-^=
[10:50] Definitely Not Miranda: I even has the look to match
[10:50] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): also, when I say super special prizes…
[10:50] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:50] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Thanks Miranda-ish 😀
[10:50] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I mean there’s a change to get some store gift cards
[10:50] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): meow~
[10:50] Definitely Not Miranda: I didn’t get that
[10:51] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): *chance
[10:51] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): from the one in the mer mall
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: make sure you click the gift box if you haven’t already, everyone =^-^=
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: oh okies
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: anyways
[10:51] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): get thee to the magic box! Gift Caaaaards :O
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: no point stretching the meeting longer than it needs to be
[10:51] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): sadly you can’t give Nooo X( copy from an attached thing
[10:51] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I tested it :/
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
    [10:51] mermadesl: Thanks every, please visit me, I’m going back to solitary confineeeement… hellllppp….
    [10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: ah I see
    [10:52] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Nuuuuuuu!
    [10:52] Definitely Not Miranda: bad neve
    [10:52] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
    [10:52] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): hahahahaha 😀
    [10:52] Definitely Not Miranda: treat your bots well
    [10:52] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): What must that mer man be putting up with
    [10:52] m?rrig?n m?ri? r?v?nhurst (morrigan.ravenhurst): I am headed home, lusa em all :)\
    [10:52] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
    [10:52] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): I feed him money sometimes LOL
    [10:52] ?? ? ? R ™ (saer.genosse): wish you all safe and happy holidays ; 0-
    [10:52] Definitely Not Miranda: pretty sure he wants shrimpies
    [10:52] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): he prolly does
    [10:53] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): but he needs to sell more before that 😀 😀
    [10:53] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I wish you a merry Finmas
    [10:53] Definitely Not Miranda: EVERYONE HEARD THAT
    [10:53] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): LOL
    [10:53] Definitely Not Miranda: buy more mermade apparel
    [10:53] Definitely Not Miranda: so merbot can has shrimpies
    [10:53] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): or the mer man starves :O
    [10:54] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): 😀
    [10:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okies lemme gather up the meeting notes to pawn off on dear ol’ Dana