060 SWF Gathering 22 July 2023

[10:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly aquatic support gathering. My name is Miranda. I will be leading today’s meeting.

Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[10:00 AM] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda!!!???
[10:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe waters foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of second life, we bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place. we all help each other slive an aquatic lifestyle.
[10:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: please sit in or near the stands
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we need thge podium for speakers
[10:03 AM] Celtic Infinity: Tala, Alice and creamy 🙂
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:03 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): and for scratchies
[10:03 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Tala to everyone 🙂
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and huds. We’d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, huds, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:03 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes, please sit on the san or in the bleachers
[10:03 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yes it its indeed the mer cat scratch post
[10:04 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): my tail won’t sit in those stands
[10:04 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): seats
[10:04 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how was yer week sea folk?
[10:04 AM] Celtic Infinity: It was good, thanks! How was yours, Miranda?
[10:04 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): I can’t complain
[10:04 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: not too bad.. could better though
[10:04 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): fabulous as always
[10:04 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:05 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:06 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: anyone else wanna share their week?
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): mine was mixed
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): elderly dog of mine passed
[10:06 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): I’m sorry to ear 🙁
[10:06 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh I’m so sorry
[10:06 AM] adimay Resident: awwwwww hugs to grace
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but a new 4 legged angel quickly worked his way into my heart
[10:06 AM] adimay Resident: smiles
[10:06 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes – well he’s not suffering now
[10:06 AM] Celtic Infinity: 🙁
[10:06 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: aww
[10:07 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Moses has passed to a more peaceful place and Aaron is trying to train me now
[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: aww
[10:07 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooooo sea monster?
[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: what kinda dog?
[10:07 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): sea dog
[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: -=giggles=-
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: dogfish
[10:08 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): dogfish?
[10:08 AM] BlakeSeaMonster Resident waves
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it’s a type of shark
[10:08 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): eep
[10:08 AM] .:JNS:. Headpat: ? ????? ??? ??? ??????? ??, Alice Elaena ?
[10:08 AM] BipsBade Resident: 🙂
[10:08 AM] .: ???? s????????? ??p????? :. (spaceopal Resident): yay
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: one of the more harmless breeds
[10:08 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): yes
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay let’s swim on ?
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Our priority today is support – we’re all here to help each other, cause we’re awesome like that.
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay so the order is my introduction-done, introduce the new folks, sharing questions, ideas, and support to help each other-ie; tails, hair, bodies, AOs, requests, etc, then PSAs and promotion of events, sales or what ever else needs to be shared, then I close us out with our goals, maybe a group hug and picture.

So here we go!!
[10:09 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): sea folk are awesome
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yep ?
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Introductions
If you have brought someone new to this gathering, please introduce them now. If you are new and wish to introduce yourself please do so now.
just click on the podium to sit on it or sit were you are if thats just easier.
[10:10 AM] BipsBade Resident: moi je suis nouvelle!
[10:10 AM] BipsBade: I am new!
[10:10 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) listens attentively
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yay!
[10:10 AM] BipsBade Resident: et venue seul
[10:10 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Welcome
[10:10 AM] BipsBade: and came alone
[10:10 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Bips!!
[10:10 AM] BipsBade Resident: hi^^
[10:10 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): werlcome Bips
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: can you get to the podium?
[10:10 AM] BipsBade Resident: •´¨*•.¸¸. *´¨*•.¸MerShi¸. *´¨*•.¸¸
[10:10 AM] BipsBade Resident: oui
[10:11 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): just click on it and sit
[10:11 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: swim on down
[10:11 AM] Celtic Infinity: Welcome to Safe Waters, Bips!
[10:11 AM] BipsBade Resident: ^^
[10:11 AM] Celtic Infinity: Bienvenue!
[10:11 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): good job
[10:11 AM] BipsBade Resident: coucou tous le monde
[10:11 AM] BipsBade: Hi every one
[10:11 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how did you discover us?
[10:11 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): o I adore when worldly mers visit
[10:12 AM] BipsBade Resident: on m avais conseillé le groupe , j avoue que suis plutot solitaire , j ‘aime la chasse au tresor
[10:12 AM] BipsBade: the group was recommended to me, I admit that I am rather solitary, I like treasure hunting
[10:12 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and with a translator
[10:12 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): chit,,must dash, Mistress
[10:12 AM] ?creamy? (creamydeliciousness Resident): dangit
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats wonderful
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so what drew you to the seaworld?
[10:13 AM] BipsBade Resident: les chasses au tresor ^^
[10:13 AM] BipsBade: treasure hunts
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: always good ?
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: the shinnies are a lot of fun
[10:13 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): thank you for joining us! I’m a loner hermit type mermaid too
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: glad you came welcome to swf
[10:13 AM] BipsBade Resident: rien de plus a dire sur moi , a si j aime les burger
[10:13 AM] BipsBade: nothing more to say about me, if I like burgers
[10:13 AM] BipsBade Resident: ^^ je retourne m assoire
[10:13 AM] BipsBade: ^^ I’m going back to my seat
[10:14 AM] BipsBade Resident: bisous a tous
[10:14 AM] BipsBade: kisses to all
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: if you ever want someone to hunt with you you can sing out in chat
[10:14 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) throws Bip a Big Mac burger
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay anyone else?
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay then we’ll move on to tech support
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Questions and support requests
Now – what general questions can we discuss here today? Where do our aquatics need help? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[10:16 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I have a question
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ask away
[10:16 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I tried to start the MadPea Oceanic hunt – any hints it isn’t going on much longer and I’m very late in trying it
[10:16 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I got the HUD
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh I haven’t even tried that
[10:16 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): totally baffles me
[10:17 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): i know i was to tempted to do it too, but its too much work imo T_T
[10:17 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes, I usually don’t do hunts because I get to frustrated
[10:17 AM] Bunny UwU: I’m the same way haha I hardly ever do a hunt
[10:17 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but a cross grid hunt with the ocean theme but not underwater intrigues me
[10:18 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): i know and madpea makes nice stuff too
[10:18 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): the key tempted me with its goodies
[10:18 AM] MandyAzucar Resident (Brown Azucar Agua) is Online
[10:18 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): they have a premium key which gets some extras but I went for the free HUD
[10:19 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): no hints?
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: maybe a lot of us can try and help each other in chat
[10:19 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): HA HAHA HA..haha!!
[10:19 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): anybody done it and what to guide me through it?
[10:19 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): okay I’m done thanks for letting me ask
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: np
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: anyone else?
[10:20 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: o/
[10:20 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): everyone know how to ground sit?
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: need help with animations, aos tails etc?
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I just click on my body and choose it
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: even the mesh part of my body lets me
[10:21 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I use control>alt>s
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: maybe your veiwer won’t let you?
[10:21 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): my AO lets me choose from maybe 12 ground sits
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: sorry I read that wrong
[10:22 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): and I’m always surprised to see how many who don’t understand how to do it
[10:22 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): this group seems comfortable with it
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: mine has that option too but I haven’t made any more sits
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I should
[10:23 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I would love to have someone start an “AO interest group” that could meet regularly here
[10:24 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): takes awhile to build up the traffic but I know I’d try to make it
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hosting the meeting is enough for me lol
[10:24 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): yes, Miranda and you do it so well every Saturday
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:24 AM] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda
[10:25 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Claps for Miranda
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay last for tech support
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala Marion
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thanks Hiro
[10:25 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) eagerly awaits for the sharing of information section
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: swimming on then
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Quick reminders/announcements

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[10:26 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) looks for the cat who likes shrimp
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: next to Cel
[10:26 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:26 AM] Celtic Infinity points
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: she likes pets too
[10:26 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): meow?
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group chat twice a day. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[10:27 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: You might also consider being a hang out.

Please also check our mer-mall just past the headquarters. space available and lots of great things.
[10:27 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:27 AM] Chat Range: Bixyl Shuftan [8m]
[10:27 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): welcome Bixyl
[10:27 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Be sure to visit the safe waters foundation web site and event calendar at https://swfsl.com/
[10:28 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) tosses Fina a catnip stuffed shrimp
[10:28 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): my own recipte
[10:28 AM] Celtic Infinity: Bixyl!!!
[10:28 AM] Bixyl Shuftan: Hello Celtic 🙂
[10:28 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and now…
Public service announcements
Now we allow a limited time for publicity. Who has something fun to share? A store, new sim, event, or news? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[10:28 AM] Celtic Infinity: Always nice to see you, Bix!
[10:28 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: tala
[10:28 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[10:28 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): =^.^= Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[10:28 AM] Bixyl Shuftan: Thank you and same here, Tala as well
[10:29 AM] Celtic Infinity: 🙂
[10:29 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: if you’d like to share lemme know
[10:29 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: our first speaker is Matty
[10:29 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): ty
[10:29 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: swim on up
[10:29 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Matty
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Tala.
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Tala Friends and Fishes! I got a few announcements to make today.
[10:30 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): cpals for matty
[10:30 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: that looks good on you
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): thank you!
[10:30 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): is that thing nibbling on your ear?
[10:30 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): • ?? • ?? • ???? (=_=)
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): First off, and most importantly – my region, Le Mertica, is finally open to all!
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): It’s part of Fandom Con SL which is a virtual version of a real life style comic convention. There’s a comic convention hall and 7 regions to wander and explore.
[10:30 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ?? BIG GIGANTIC APPLAUSE!!! ??
[10:30 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:30 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): It all goes to benefit relay for life, so please stop by Le Mertica – shop, explore, take pictures and make memories because it is only around for O N E W E E K !
[10:30 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): Congratulations!
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): thank you
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Le Mertica was inspired and HEAVILY influenced by the little mermaid. I’ve got my own versions of her grotto scene, the sea witch lair, throne room, etc. if you are a fan of the mouse, this one is for you.
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Miranda, i think kids are welcome
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ?
[10:31 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): is that eel for sale there?
[10:31 AM] Ásgeir (Aasgeir Resident): I’ve seen it. Beautifully done.
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): its a linden labs partner event too
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): so it has second life support.
[10:31 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): The eel is not, but he is very cute haha
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Also can’t forget, thanks SWF for the support and renting a booth in my region! You can find them two stores down from the throne room, under the castle. Please go support SWF as well!
[10:32 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: i was there no one but the restart kicked me out
[10:32 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): raising funds for cancer research I think?
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Here’s the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le%20Mertica/253/130/67
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): I am also in the convention center with my own booth. I have riptide appliers at 25% off, nemissa appliers at 50% off, and various other offerings from my store. I’m also selling the build pieces to Le Mertica and a poster which benefits relay for life.
[10:32 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): just go into nearby chat and left click on that
[10:32 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): my booth can be found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American%20Cancer%20Society/235/125/67
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): AND FINALLYYYYY
[10:33 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: nice ?
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): ((Krature)) is in Wanderlust Weekend this weekend
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): “Glimmer” – a set of flexi fins you can attach to your waist or other attachment points. my store avie, Jet, and I are both wearing them. They come in four colors and a fatpack. Get them for 50L this weekend ONLY in the main store!
[10:33 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): I am also selling a BRAND NEW tail design for 25% off as well. Jet is wearing “Shimmer” the matching tail applier for the flexi fins. It comes in purple, pink, blue, and black. Its 299L in the store this weekend but will jump up to normal price post the weekend.
[10:33 AM] Jet (JetsamTidepool Resident): im wearing the new stuff!
[10:33 AM] Jet (JetsamTidepool Resident): hehee
[10:33 AM] Jet (JetsamTidepool Resident): <3
[10:34 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): Here’s an SLURL For my store, or you can find the info in my profile too: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal%20Yellow/27/19/22
[10:34 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): If you have any questions about anything, i’ll be sticking around during the rest of the meeting – get in my IMs ?
[10:34 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): persu em! see you under the sea
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thank you Matty
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: who else would like to share?
[10:35 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I can share a little
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: pleasae swim up
[10:35 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Grace
[10:36 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I didn’t put this in a nc so please bear with me
[10:36 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okey dokeyt
[10:36 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Tabi and I are trying to build another regular gatheringlike this one
[10:36 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): every Friday 5pm here SLT
[10:37 AM] Roz Azalee is Offline
[10:37 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): will start with similar structure as this one but we’ll make it our own
[10:37 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): I forgot yesterday – so it is starting slow
[10:37 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): any one want to nag me to go is encouraged
[10:37 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): also I lead a SWF Volunteers group
[10:38 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): if you’d like to support our community when you can
[10:38 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): IM and I can invite you
[10:38 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): right now I’m looking for a party organizer, teachers of classes
[10:38 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): but I put other calls for help out to the volunteer group
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we only want to give when and where they can/want and any resources are welcome
[10:39 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): a little time investment or just hanging out here is example
[10:40 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): thats it for me
[10:40 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): let me know if you have ideas for how you can be a good citizen and pitch in around here
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: grace 🙂
[10:41 AM] Peaches2U Camino is Online
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: would anyone else like to share before I take my turn?
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): o o
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): SWF has a booth in the event Matticus mentioned
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I like going last Grace lol
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oop
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): sorry
[10:41 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: no prob
[10:41 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): if you want to hang out at the booth this is okay too
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay takes the stick
[10:42 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): really done this time
[10:42 AM] Celtic Infinity cheers for Miranda ?
[10:42 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): def hangout there!
[10:42 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): its really pretty in the palace
[10:42 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): haha
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it really does look great
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I’m Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: We are totally inclusive, kids, mers, furs, landers all welcome.
LGBT+ friendly, we even allow for mer toplessness under water.
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: cause you know they’re just boobs. just don’t flash the humans. they’ll get nosebleeds and nose bleeds attract sharks.
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and thats a lotta paperwork for dad
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have a system called TCS. its a craft/trade/rp system that allows you to trade goods with other mers or landers. You can harvest and create things.
[10:44 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): used to make shrimp salads I think
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have it, just trying to roll it all out
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em ?
[10:45 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): that is the Antiquity sim – so gorgeous
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: though will happliy take tips on more stuff
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I love planting seaweed
[10:46 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: anyone else ready to share?
[10:46 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: I have one observation to mention
[10:47 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: sure swiom on down
[10:47 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: the stick is yours
[10:47 AM] Celtic Infinity claps for Valisilwen
[10:47 AM] BipsBade Resident: clap clap
[10:47 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: I have seen that Polydoll & Cynefin has closed her marketplace store…
[10:47 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): claps too
[10:48 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: she did close her inworld store quite time a ago but MP one is gone too now..
[10:48 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) digs for clams
[10:48 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): unfortunately, they have deleted their account
[10:48 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): we do have some skins
[10:48 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: that doesn’t leave many place to get Nemissa anymore
[10:48 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): for that tail
[10:48 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): sadly true
[10:48 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): you can still see their profile on firestorm but its archived. the account does not exist.
[10:49 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: yup
[10:49 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): So its gone for good?
[10:49 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: thats a pitty
[10:49 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Matticus didn’t Neve used to sell in her store?
[10:49 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): yes there are two known vendors
[10:49 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: Mermade is one
[10:49 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): one at mermade. and one at the mystic realms
[10:49 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): see that?
[10:50 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): a NC with the stroes would be helpful
[10:50 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): sorry vali i wont step on ur share 😡
[10:50 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): It’s still possible to have a redelivery on nemissa?
[10:50 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): nope
[10:50 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): yes indeed!
[10:50 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): i dont think there is a way to get a redelivery now
[10:50 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): so save the box
[10:50 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Lucky me that I never delete a boxed item
[10:50 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): mm sad
[10:50 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Thanks Matrtti
[10:50 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Matti
[10:50 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): it was a groundbreaker!
[10:51 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): on a personal note, we’ve been trying to reach the creator for some time.
[10:51 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): it is a sad moment for the mer community.
[10:51 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: aye
[10:51 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) nods quietly
[10:51 AM] Valisilwen Skydancer: She did tell in her profile that she was ill
[10:52 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): mmhmm yes
[10:52 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): ok all, i gotta run
[10:52 AM] ? Matticus Merrow ? (Matticus Merrow): lusa em!
[10:52 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid) offers a moment of silence
[10:52 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): luse em:)
[10:52 AM] Janus Afarensis: lusa em Matticus
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: take cae Matty
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: care*
[10:52 AM] Peaches2U Camino: take are Matty
[10:52 AM] Peaches2U Camino: *care
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tempestra you have the stick now
[10:52 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): See you and tc:)
[10:53 AM] Alice Elaena (Alice Nebula): Time for me to go too, tala to everyone
[10:53 AM] Celtic Infinity huggles PEACHES
[10:53 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): tala
[10:53 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): *miiiiiow* [10:53 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Tempi is our mall manager and doing a fantastic job [10:53 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): ?? BIG GIGANTIC APPLAUSE!!! ?? [10:54 AM] BipsBade Resident: mercii pour l acceuil , au plaisir de vous croisé [10:54 AM] BipsBade: thank you for the welcome, looking forward to meeting you [10:54 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): tempi must be typing [10:54 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): speak up [10:54 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): Tala everyone, really quick, just wanted to announce I will be doing a class on mermaid lore and myth every other week, starting august 3 at 1pm and 6 pm here , will be a presentation and discussion so I hope you can come! We will start with early myths about Mermaids [10:54 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): oooooooooo [10:54 AM] Grace (Matriarch Mermaid): Putting into the calendar now [10:54 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): great of you tempi! [10:54 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: what day is this? [10:55 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): Starting thursday august 3 [10:55 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ok ? [10:55 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): then will be every other week that day, Ill do two times for euros and us folks [10:55 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): so 1pm slt and then the same class at 6 pm slt [10:55 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): I hope those times work for folks [10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I can make the time [10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it sounds fun ? [10:56 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela) gives back the stick [10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ~Persu Em~ [10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Thank you [10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay shall we wrap this up? [10:56 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): I try to make them fun! I do other classes about lore for RP currently [10:57 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): can mercats attend? =^-^= [10:57 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: really? that sounds cool. what classes? [10:57 AM] Ásgeir (Aasgeir Resident): I’ve got a question about this, tempestra [10:58 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): Yes Asgeir? [10:58 AM] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: F??? ?? has gained total fluffiness level ~ 6010! [10:59 AM] Ásgeir (Aasgeir Resident): So, it seems the whole Mer community has the same “culture” so to speak, but there are other mer-type creatures in the RL folklore of various nations. Are those ever discussed as well? [10:59 AM] ????????? (Tempestra Varela): Thats my goal! [10:59 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): lusa em all:) [10:59 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yay [11:00 AM] Ásgeir (Aasgeir Resident): Oh, excellent! [11:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: any more questions before I adjourn us? [11:00 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): yes… [11:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ok [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): i got a friend. who is interested in the merworld [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): and she is wondering if she will get in trouble for not wearing a mertail.. [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): or free [11:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: no [11:01 AM] Peaches2U Camino: nope^^ not with us [11:01 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): with us [11:01 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): no [11:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: there might be a toe attack from a kitty, but thats about it [11:01 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): meoowwww~ [11:01 AM] Peaches2U Camino: lolol [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): hehehe [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): Okay [11:01 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): ???..ThNnK U..?~~
[11:01 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ?? I DIDN’T DO IT!! ??
[11:01 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ?? okayyy, I DID do it. ??
[11:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: -=giggles=-
[11:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay glad you asked. she’ll be fine
[11:02 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[11:02 AM] Merpire (deepredgirl11 Resident): yesh
[11:02 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

Now go mingle and explore! Thanks for joining us this day!!