044 SWF Gathering 25 March 2023

[10:00] Definitely Not Miranda: aaaaaand it’s 10am
[10:00] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): Yala everyone!
[10:00] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): bloomineck
[10:01] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): it’s quiet today
[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: let’s start, for those who made it on time =^-^=
[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Peaches
[10:01] Definitely Not Miranda: today Miranda asked me to lead the meeting because of some event I think
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: a wedding at Antiquity or somesuch
[10:02] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): lol SL weddings
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda takes out notecard
[10:02] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Cecily =^-^=
[10:02] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ala ?
[10:03] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Tala, even
[10:03] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Yala
[10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation’s weekly aquatic gathering. I’m Fina, one of SWF’s resident mercats (no, I’m not the only one) and I’ve been asked to stand in to lead today. =^-^=
[10:03] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): ‘ala Cece <3 [10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: We have a new format (which is not really that new anymore =^-^=) so – without further ado, [10:03] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): genuinely read that wrong and thought you said Welcome to Star Wars [10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: Welcome new and old aquatics and friends! [10:03] Definitely Not Miranda: GOOD IDEA [10:03] Peaches2U Camino: hahahaha [10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: May the 4th is a Thursday this year though [10:04] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Xenon [10:04] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): sad times [10:04] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): I miss Creations May 4th party D: [10:04] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Tala! [10:04] Peaches2U Camino: Awwww ªª [10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: DID YOU MEAN CINCO DE STAR WARS [10:05] Peaches2U Camino: snorts [10:05] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): It’s ok though because we’ll have Conchella on the weekend AFTER May 4th :3 [10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: anyways [10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group for merfolk and aquatics of SecondLife. We bring together designers, retailers, sim owners and managers, as well as merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of the same. (Including those perverted pirates – we’re all-inclusive! =^-^=) [10:05] Definitely Not Miranda: Unfortunately, we don’t have time to repeat for those who arrive late and/or depart early, but that’s okay, we post a meeting log on our website later – that would be https://www.swfsl.com – remember, our motto is Mer helping aquatics be dragons! Oh wait… [10:05] Definitely Not Miranda shuffles her script and looks confused [10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: De-lagging: Because we usually have good attendance, it would be ace if you could remove extra attachments and HUDs, such as big poofy hair with resizers still in them, scripted weapons, bitcoin miners, advertising spammers, griefer HUDs, bling jewellery from 2009 etc… [10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: So without further ado, let’s do everyone’s favorite part of the meeting! [10:06] Definitely Not Miranda: H O W W A S Y O U R W E E K, S E A F O L K ????? [10:07] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): crappy LOL [10:07] Peaches2U Camino: huggles Not Miranda [10:07] adimay: smiles [10:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Awwww ªª
[10:07] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: Peaches2U Camino has pet you.
[10:07] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): but NEW MER TAIL RELEASE.
[10:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:07] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): It was good.
[10:07] Definitely Not Miranda: i’ve been sick for a whole week ffs
[10:07] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): eyes thoise sexeh new tails
[10:07] adimay: yes the new tail is beautiful
[10:07] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): they are sexehhhh
[10:07] Peaches2U Camino: 😀
[10:07] Peaches2U Camino: am loving it
[10:07] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:08] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle) tosses some shrimpies to help you feel better
[10:08] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): =^.^= Nahm Nahm Nahm!
[10:08] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): omg peaches i love your hair wear lmaoooo
[10:08] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I hear the huds are KICKIN’
[10:08] Peaches2U Camino: heheheheheheh
[10:08] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Elaena
[10:08] Peaches2U Camino: i feel thoroughly huggled!
[10:08] Elaena (alice.nebula): Tala to everyone
[10:09] Hazel (dolly.waifu) waves!
[10:09] Peaches2U Camino: so glad i did NOT oversleep
[10:09] Peaches2U Camino: ~Tala~
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Hazel
[10:09] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Tala!
[10:09] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Tala!
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: so glad you didn’t miss the most important part of the meeting
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: which is how was your week seafolk =^-^=
[10:09] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): all the hugs <3
[10:09] Peaches2U Camino: the hugging? 😀
[10:09] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): week = eh
[10:09] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): LOL
[10:09] Peaches2U Camino: HUGGLES all around!!
[10:09] Definitely Not Miranda: I remember it almost caused a revolt when we tried to do away with it
[10:10] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: Peaches2U Camino has pet you.
[10:10] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): it was good!
[10:10] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: Peaches2U Camino has pet you.
[10:10] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:10] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): good week so farr
[10:10] Elaena (alice.nebula): All good thanks, I’m still tring to figure out the new tail animations
[10:10] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): brb dumb dog wants back in the house LOL
[10:10] [Theatre] :: Fluffy Petter 1.07: Peaches2U Camino has pet you.
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: hb lol
[10:10] Peaches2U Camino: of course now
[10:10] Peaches2U Camino: this is the time my son always asks a question 😀
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: if you want, you can IM me for your announcement slot if you have something to announce
[10:10] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson) tosses a bucket of shrimpies to Finza
[10:10] Definitely Not Miranda: we already have one!
[10:10] Peaches2U Camino: might be my giggling wakes him up
[10:11] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Bloom
[10:11] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): bk
[10:11] Definitely Not Miranda: anywhos, hope everyone’s doing well… let’s swim on to the next section
[10:11] Bloom (lilawillows): Hello!
[10:11] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Bloomy! Glad you could make it!
[10:11] Definitely Not Miranda realizes her NC disappeared and puts it up again
[10:12] Definitely Not Miranda: Our priority today is SUPPORT – mers helping aquatics – dragons helping pirates.
[10:12] Definitely Not Miranda: Today’s meeting agenda will be as usual:
[10:12] Definitely Not Miranda: 1) Opening of meeting (done)

2) Introduction of new folks who wish to be introduced

3) Sharing of questions and support requests

4) Sharing of public service announcements

5) Closing and reminder of SWF goals
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: We’ll be using the talking stick – pre-chewed, of course =^-^= please feel free to IM me if you have an announcement for later!
[10:13] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): LOL
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: Miranda can get new sticks when she’s back
[10:13] Definitely Not Miranda: anyhoos…
[10:14] Peaches2U Camino: hahaha
[10:14] Definitely Not Miranda: INTRODUCTIONS

Do we have any new merfolk? If you are new, say hi! No need for IMs or speakers order, just a few words will do. We’re interested to know maybe how you found SWF? Is there anything you love about being aquatic? What’s your favorite food – mine’s shrimpie snacks btw, and Antiquity’s kelp cakes are also bomb! Oh wait… I digress =^-^=
[10:14] Definitely Not Miranda: If any of you have brought a guest with you today, yay! You can also introduce them, if they’re okay with it. If you’re shy and don’t prefer the spotlight, that’s okay too. Some of us prefer to just come and chill out in the company of their fellow aquatics… =^-^=
[10:15] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Not new – just BACK. Love exploring and finding amazing places to swim and play! And Iove being places where humans don’t expect to see a mer in the wild
[10:15] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:15] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:15] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): My fave snacks: Still beating hearts ripped from the chests of men
[10:16] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Nerissa
[10:16] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): (did I say that with my out loud voice?)
[10:16] Hazel (dolly.waifu): I’m new! Well, sorta. I was a mer in a private sim a few years ago, but came back into it with the new Aii release with my friend Bloom here~ We found SWF through a mer I met in Siren’s Isle! It’s been so so fun to swim the blake sea. That’s probably my favorite part!
[10:16] Peaches2U Camino: sorry, my mind stopped on the chest of men part
[10:16] Hazel (dolly.waifu) giggles
[10:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): HeHeHeHeHeHe
[10:16] Peaches2U Camino: pulling it back out of the gutter
[10:16] Bloom (lilawillows): Hello everyone! Hazel just recently took me exploring here, so im brand new! Excited to be here 🙂 It’s a beautiful spot!
[10:16] Definitely Not Miranda: dat a different kinda snacc Peaches
[10:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:16] Peaches2U Camino: 😀
[10:16] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I am trying to remember if I have been to Blake Sea….makes note
[10:16] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): welcome to SWF, Hazel =^-^=
[10:16] Peaches2U Camino: Welcome^^
[10:17] Hazel (dolly.waifu): You’re in it now, technically!
[10:17] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): ooooooh ROFL
[10:17] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Thank you!
[10:17] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): yus, this is part of Blake
[10:17] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): yes, has been too bloody long
[10:17] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I LOVE Sirens
[10:17] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): noobs pee in the sea all the time, but it’s ok, its why we has tuesday resets
[10:18] Bloom (lilawillows): LOL
[10:18] adimay: lol
[10:18] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): ROFL
[10:18] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): wrinkles nose
[10:18] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): those with the permaboners – they’re the biggest culprits
[10:18] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): In other words, lotsa snax here ;p
[10:19] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): yerps
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: Yesah
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: omgoshnot enough sleep
[10:19] Definitely Not Miranda: anyways… thankies everyone for those wonderful introductions!
[10:19] Peaches2U Camino: i asked whats permaboners out loud before realizing what i said
[10:20] Peaches2U Camino: my son laughed from the other room
[10:20] Bloom (lilawillows) giggles
[10:20] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Tala Munin!
[10:20] Definitely Not Miranda: did I miss anyone new? we have lots of announcements so I shall swim on shoftly
[10:20] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): Tala Seaple…..I just had to know what this was about….
[10:20] Munin (darm.yaffle): rawrs
[10:20] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Monki, Jessica and Munin the hangout =^-^=
[10:21] Munin (darm.yaffle): I am large enough to be a hangout:D
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: okay I’ll move on to tech support
[10:22] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Gorgeous av, Munin
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: gotta leave enough time for a bumper crop of announcements!
[10:22] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): ooo Tala Munin!
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: QUESTIONS AND SUPPORT REQUESTS

This next part is for questions and support requests, such as general questions. (How do merfolk make babies? Any RP sims for merfolk? How do I get my pirate lover to like kelp?) If you have a question you wish to share, IM me, and I will pass you the talking stick when it is your turn!
[10:22] Munin (darm.yaffle) eyes the stick….
[10:22] Definitely Not Miranda: You may swim up to the scratching post – I mean podium – or just right click and sit on it. If you want to stay in your seat, that’s perfectly fine as well!
[10:23] Definitely Not Miranda: STICKS ARE PRE-CHEWED TODAY
[10:23] Definitely Not Miranda: BUT YOU MAY STILL NOM THEM
[10:24] Definitely Not Miranda: if anyone has a question, now’s the time – but if not, that means we has MORE TIME FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!
[10:24] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): okay receiving an IM
[10:24] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Wewt~
[10:25] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Hazel, would you like to present your question to the gathering?
[10:25] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Hi! So mine’s kinda silly.
[10:26] Hazel (dolly.waifu): I go swimming in Blake Sea a lot. For those who do also, is it common for you guys to be asked to enter strange men’s boats? ^^;
[10:26] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Happens to me all the time. Was wondering if that was normal.
[10:26] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): /dies
[10:26] Hazel (dolly.waifu) giggles
[10:26] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): oh gosh, don’t do it Hazel! It happens, tell em you’d be a fish outta water and SWIM AWAY :X
[10:26] adimay: lol
[10:26] Peaches2U Camino: lolol
[10:27] Hazel (dolly.waifu): I usually make some excuse. It just seems that the sirens’ song is quite compelling for many!
[10:27] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I’ve had a few people want to make me into sashimi, but I suspect it is because you’re so pretty ?
[10:27] Munin (darm.yaffle): Not common for me, but then i don;t fit in most strange mens boats so… also a boy dragon so there is that
[10:27] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Eep!
[10:27] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Or do it and then rp their hearts out and eat them 😀
[10:27] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Well thank you~
[10:27] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): delishus
[10:28] Peaches2U Camino: hahahaha
[10:28] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): *noms getting hungry
[10:28] adimay: lollllll munin
[10:28] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): the leggers at Siren’s are generally not quality leggers :X But, if you want a laugh, turn on voice and listen to the conversation, it’s often completely RIDICULOUS.
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: they need bigger boats Munin
[10:28] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Oh yes, love to hear all the voice chatter there!
[10:28] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Anyway, that’s all~ Thank you!
[10:28] Definitely Not Miranda: too bad megaprims aren’t a thing anymore
[10:28] Peaches2U Camino: if you still have megaprims…do they still work?
[10:29] Definitely Not Miranda: never tried rezzing em lol
[10:29] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): I don’t know why they wouldn’t..but you might get kicked from a sim for it
[10:29] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): might cause a crash LOL
[10:29] ???????????? ????? (monkicat.giha): oh yes! that happens to me too!!
[10:29] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I’ve had a great time there after drinking a human legs potion…I helped a friend mod a Shrek boat
[10:29] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): *chants crash the sim, crash the sim
[10:29] Peaches2U Camino: someone had a one prim item stretching across most of the region
[10:29] Hazel (dolly.waifu) giggles
[10:29] Peaches2U Camino: and across my land
[10:30] Peaches2U Camino: it was not counting against my land impact and i could not return it
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Kai
[10:30] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): omg
[10:30] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): so obnoxious. I remember those days LOL
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: sounds obnoxious indeed
[10:30] Kai (elayn.khaos): Tala friends
[10:30] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Best bet is to report objects like that. LL usually fixes it pretty quick!
[10:30] Munin (darm.yaffle): Rawrs
[10:30] Peaches2U Camino: did
[10:30] Peaches2U Camino: and
[10:30] Peaches2U Camino: Taloha
[10:30] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): I think I still have those on my original avi?….havent dared use anything on that account for a long time!
[10:30] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies for that entertaining question Hazel =^-^=
[10:31] Definitely Not Miranda: I’m going to steer towards announcements real quick like
[10:31] Definitely Not Miranda: because we have !!AT LEAST FIVE!! today!!!
[10:31] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Note-carded and ready to share 😀
[10:31] Definitely Not Miranda: wanna make sure we have time for ALL THE AMAZING MEWS
[10:31] Hazel (dolly.waifu): ‘Course <3
[10:31] Definitely Not Miranda: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS

This section is for anyone with publicity, or anything fun to share! New store? New sim? Upcoming event? News? Shrimpie recipes? IM me and I will give you the talking stick!

For the best and smoothest meeting, keep the announcement brief if possible. If you have a notecard, landmark etc ready to share, even better – you can offer to give them out to any interested parties who IM you, for example.

Come right up! or just type from your seat if you’re feeling lazy =^-^=
[10:32] Definitely Not Miranda: without further ado
[10:32] Definitely Not Miranda: let’s put our fins together for OHORA!!!
[10:32] Peaches2U Camino: woooooooooooooooooooooot
[10:32] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): yay Ohora! 😀
[10:32] Hazel (dolly.waifu) claps excitedly!
[10:32] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): /claps
[10:32] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): Nervously grips the pre-chewed talking stick in sweaty palms as she moves to the podium. The stick seems to have been chewed on but seems otherwise sound.

Yala everyone!

Every Wednesday I, Ohora Sessa, lead the Weekly Wander at 4:30 pm Each week I will guide explorers to interesting aquatic destinations in our fascinating watery world.

Would you like to get to know the SWF hangouts better or just fancy a swim? Please come to the SWF Chat Pavilion Wednesdays at 4:30 pm slt. or take this mer taxi. Lusa em!

Union Passage (50,237,1)

Passes the talking stick back.
[10:32] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): wooo!
[10:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:33] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:33] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies Ohora for that wonderfully efficient delivery
[10:33] Definitely Not Miranda: Ohora works very hard on the Weekly Wanders, well worth checking out
[10:33] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): Yw
[10:33] Definitely Not Miranda: our SECOND presenter… please put our fins together for CHEEKY!!!
[10:33] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Hey everyone 🙂 I’m Cheeky, but most people know me as Neve! <3
[10:34] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
[10:34] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): For those of you who may not know, we have a Seafolk of SL Discord server for help and socialization outside of SL. This isn’t meant to be a substitute, but rather a helpful resource for finding events, vendors, recommendations and asking for help with all things aquatic in SL:
In-world group: . Seafolk of SL .
Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14779835@N24/pool/
Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/XDDw2yzVnG
[10:34] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): Wooot Cheeky
[10:34] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): And don’t forget, it’s the weekend, which means it’s nearly time for Mer Monday at The Sunken Atelier! every monday between 1pm and 3pm SLT, we will bring a chill set designed to bring together the seafolk community for casual conversation and good vibes. The Atelier is underwater, but the place is magicked so any can breathe within its walls. There are references to alcohol, so we ask that no underage avatars visit. Website: https://sunkenatelier.carrd.co/
[10:34] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oo discord
[10:34] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): This week, I’ve still got last week’s Wanderlust products up in store.

A Nemissa mod kit with hud and custom bubbles. AND a rigged set of shell pasites- they fit Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, Petite and Reborn… and for our favourite mer kitties, and the boys, there’s also an unrigged pair.
https://flic.kr/p/2onQgCa And, the coordinating body scales! https://flic.kr/p/2onP1PX
[10:34] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): are cats allowed?
[10:35] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): In the discord Fina? always
[10:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): nu, in the alcohol place
[10:35] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): at The Atelier, yesss <3
[10:35] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): ANNNND, and and and, annnnd I am working on riptide, there’ll be mods and goodies coming soon, I promise <3
[10:35] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:35] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Oooh~
[10:35] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): And, finally, you’re welcome to shop, explore, swim and hangout at mermade’s Crystal Coast whenever you like, we’ve got 35 meters of cool clear water for when you need to chill after you’ve shopped. Crystal Coast (231,106,37)
[10:36] Peaches2U Camino: wooooooooooooooooooooot
[10:36] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:36] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): yay!
[10:36] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Thanks all <3 Anyone that wants landmarks or links, just drop me an IM 😀
[10:36] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): joined the Discord and the fb group. ty!
[10:36] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
[10:36] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:36] Definitely Not Miranda: our THIRD presenter of the day… let’s give it up for… CECILY!!!!
[10:36] Hazel (dolly.waifu): \o/
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: pretty sure she’s not afk
[10:37] Peaches2U Camino: woooooooooooooooooooot
[10:37] Definitely Not Miranda: and here she comes!
[10:37] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Howdy~!
[10:37] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?m?e?o?w?d?y?
[10:37] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): heyheyhey Cece <3
[10:37] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I’m really thrilled to make today’s announcement. ?
[10:38] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Conchella Applications are OPEN NOW!
*Vendor apps close April 10th
*Entertainers, DJs, Artists and Blogger apps close April 17th

Festival Dates: May 6th to May 25th

Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/2ooJJxh

Learn more and apply below!

Website: https://conchellafestival.com/

Vendors + Sponsors https://forms.gle/Dra2ZaBkrQTU3Rgx8

DJs, Singers + Artists https://forms.gle/oGixFAX334riNsan8

Bloggers https://forms.gle/DgCPn9d6BboxWE36A
[10:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[10:38] Bloom (lilawillows): oo:
[10:38] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ooh concurrent with FF or summat
[10:38] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): yay! was hoping for info on that, thankyou Cecily!
[10:38] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): WOO CONCHELLAAAAA
[10:39] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): conchella’s on it’s waaay 😀
[10:39] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Oooh~
[10:39] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): we also need staff support if anyone has experience with wrangling performers 😀
[10:39] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): Conchella is going to have 3 weekends of music, MyStory compatibility, vendors, artists and is on land and sea~
[10:39] Hazel (dolly.waifu) quickly fills out the blogger app.
[10:39] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:40] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): *jots down MyStory wtf is it?
[10:40] Kai (elayn.khaos) whispers: note to self to figure out how mer’s use MyStory
[10:41] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): omg, MyStory for merssss, we need kelp snacks 😀
[10:41] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): wots a mystory?
[10:41] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): i have some neve >.> just need to drop my scripts in
[10:41] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): If you’re familiar with The Sims, it is an RP HUD that gives you XP and stats to make your SL a little more interactive. It is easy to pause and has a lot of fun capabilities~
[10:41] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): oooooo
[10:41] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[10:41] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): nice
[10:41] Peaches2U Camino: am a member
[10:42] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:42] Kai (elayn.khaos): I’ve been looking at it but had no idea how to use as a mer. would love to chat with folks who know
[10:42] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Tempestra
[10:43] ???????????? ????? (monkicat.giha): My Story: https://www.lifestorii.co/52e3e-contact/
[10:43] Definitely Not Miranda: okies definitely an exciting announcement
[10:43] ???????????? ????? (monkicat.giha): https://www.lifestorii.co/
[10:43] Definitely Not Miranda: anything else, Cecily?
[10:43] ????????? (juicy.cerise): Tala, sorry Im late!
[10:43] Definitely Not Miranda: needa make sure we still has time
[10:44] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I think that’s everything I’ve got for you today. I hope that everyone is excited too!
[10:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:44] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:44] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): yes!
[10:44] Definitely Not Miranda: okies my gestures are lagging out but our FOURTH AND NEXT SPEAKER is already READY TO GO
[10:44] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): the MyStory sounds awesome…I had no idea that was a thing!
[10:44] Definitely Not Miranda: LET US WELCOME MATTI!!!!!
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ty mirandina
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Tala Friends,
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): omg so MANY MER TODAYYY
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): if i don’t know you! I’m Matti 🙂 nice to meet you
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): I have some shares today
[10:45] Definitely Not Miranda: Munin’s 50% of ’em
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): I’ll go fast
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): haha
[10:45] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): YAY Matti 😀
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): or those of you who will still be rocking Nemissa from time to time (I certainly will) I wanted to share a BOM tail mod I have at my store for 50L this weekend for Wanderlust Weekend!
Pearl is a recoloring of my “Abalone” tail in an iridescent opal texture. Its a perfect compliment to the original tail and super nice for light, airy mer looks. My Store avi, Jet – is wearing the tail now with the custom included mats here for you to see.
After this weekend, the tail will return to the normal price of Abalone, so snag while you can.
Here’s the flickr link to check out details: https://www.flickr.com/photos/189153235@N02/52769489672/in/dateposted/
My main store: Surreal Yellow (27,19,22)
[10:45] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): *for
[10:45] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): I’m actually quite nervous when I have to speak in front of a large group so I write everything ahead and copy and paste it into chat so I can get it over with as quickly as possible. lol
[10:46] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Mat keeps Jet in a box in the sky all on his own.
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): hahahaha
[10:46] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): never even lets his see the sun
[10:46] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): doesn’t feed him :O
[10:46] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): poor Jet
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Jet is usally chained in a tank its true
[10:46] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ??????????????????
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): poor jet D:
[10:46] Definitely Not Miranda: durned creators, most of them do this
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): hahaha
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ALSO, my other share
[10:46] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): At least I let my bot out in the water 😛
[10:46] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): I haven’t been around to announce this BUT I have a pop-up store at the Fanci’s Deep Mer mall, just right around the corner on the same region as we are right now! It’s called Matti Tatti and its a bit more playful than my normal stuff! Visit and see if you can guess my inspirations! 😉

I have a Next Up! Machine with Nemissa tail appliers and BOM tattoos for 75L and some other products as well. There’s also little decor rezzable seafolk snacks for sale.

Visit when you want: Union Passage (248,172,2)
[10:47] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:47] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): you guys need to seeee the pop up, it’s so cute 😀
[10:47] Hazel (dolly.waifu): \o/
[10:47] Elaena (alice.nebula): (afk for some minutes, RL sorry)
[10:47] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Anyway, that’s all for me today ?
[10:47] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): thanks!
[10:47] Definitely Not Miranda: hb Elaena =^-^=
[10:47] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:47] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): ooooooo stellar!
[10:47] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies Matti
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: be sure to hit up the popup at Fanci’s!
[10:48] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ?
[10:48] Peaches2U Camino: wooooooooooooooooot
[10:48] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): Tala Chris
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: our FIFTH speaker is… please put our fins together for NERISSA!!
[10:48] Definitely Not Miranda: and tala Chris =^-^=
[10:48] Nerissa (killerwing): Big post incoming that I already copy-pasted.
[10:48] Nerissa (killerwing): Tala everyone! I’d like to talk about an RP sim I wandered into about a week ago. Main reason I wanna talk about it is because the mer option is a good option there!
The sim(2 sims large) is called Arendia and it’s an RP sim that uses an RP HUD for stats and rolls.
Yes this means this isn’t a freeform RP sim when it comes to things like combat. And I admit that it’s not something I was fond of at first, but I realized that Arendia struck an interesting balance because everyone gets to spend a nice amount of points in the available stats to build up their character, meaning new players aren’t completely worthless vs a veteran player.

The sim is overall VERY active with a lot of people present all the time. It also has a Discord group(which I find to be a handy thing for communications when not in SL).

And yes, there’s a rather well active and decent amount of mers(and other seafolks) on the sim too. The sim also has a generous amount of space for mers as well!
Honestly it reminds much of the time I spent
[10:48] Nerissa (killerwing): RPing in the old Mystara RP sims, so this is honestly a great place to consider if you’re into fantasy RP and wanna RP as a mer.
The can be reached at: Thiaria (115,178,2967)
[10:48] Chris McCracken: tala
[10:49] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): oo RP sim
[10:49] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): WOWZERS that’s some traffic on that sim right now – active as heck. 57 on one sim, 13 on the other.
[10:49] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Wow!
[10:49] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Cheeky’s snooping it already
[10:49] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): lmao, you know it 😀
[10:50] Nerissa (killerwing): Naturally most of the people on that sim aren’t mers, but don’t let that discourage you. I can assure you mers are quite active on there.
[10:50] ????????? (juicy.cerise): Thats not a bad thing though, I mean, we do have to eat something
[10:50] Definitely Not Miranda: tala Eisenwald
[10:50] Eisenwald Easterwood (eisenwald): tala.
[10:50] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): yes, Tempestra! SNAX! Besides, it is fun for peeps to stumble upon mers in the wild. A treat!
[10:51] Nerissa (killerwing): On their landing zone there’s some links to a website that can give some lore information as well as rules information. And of course as i mentioned, there’s the Discord you can join where you’ll find good activity.
[10:51] Nerissa (killerwing): That’s basically all I wanted to talk about. Thanks for listening!
[10:51] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Thanks for sharing!
[10:51] Peaches2U Camino: woooooooooooooooot
[10:51] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:51] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:51] Definitely Not Miranda: such amazing mews today
[10:51] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Thanks Nerissa <3
[10:52] Bloom (lilawillows): Lots of really cool info in these announcements. Thank you all for sharing such cool news!
[10:52] Definitely Not Miranda: our SIXTH presenter of the day is… lets welcome ECHO!!!!
[10:52] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Huzzah!
[10:52] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): ??????::???,????APPLAUSE??????::???,????
[10:52] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Yay Echo <3
[10:52] Definitely Not Miranda: WOOT SHE’S NOT AFK
[10:52] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): Tala Everybody!
[10:52] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): haha no, not afk XD
[10:52] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): YAY echo
[10:52] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): ?
[10:52] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): so great to finally make it to one of these!….normally im fast asleep, its 5 am for me!
[10:52] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): lmao
[10:53] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): and SO great to see so many here!
[10:53] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker) sends echo coffee
[10:53] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): haha TY!
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: omgosh, you did great!!!!!
[10:53] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): we woke em all up and made them come
[10:53] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): I wanted to give a reminder of Fantasy Faire that starts on the 20th of April!
[10:53] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula) send echo a tinnie and shrimps for the barbie, assuming she’s an aussie <3
[10:53] Kai (elayn.khaos): FF already?!
[10:53] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): SWF this year is sponsoring a sim as we normally do, but this year is a little different
[10:53] Peaches2U Camino: Awwww ª_ª
[10:53] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[10:54] Elaena (alice.nebula): (back)
[10:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): wb
[10:54] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): I’m so excited to see this year’s builds!
[10:54] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): we get our water sim but we will have stores….our stores are FULL! and 30-40 m of vibrant underwater reef to explore below them!
[10:54] ????????? (juicy.cerise) has had a sneak peek at some of Echo’s work and it is AMAZING!
[10:54] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): Ooh…
[10:54] Bloom (lilawillows): oo:
[10:54] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): And our friend from the Muu~ store is on the mermaid one, I’m pretty sure.
[10:54] Peaches2U Camino: WOOOOOT
[10:54] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): its a very exciting time this year as we will have so much traffic
[10:55] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): yayyy water sim
[10:55] Hazel (dolly.waifu): \o/
[10:55] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): Echo i want a sneak peak
[10:55] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): lmao
[10:55] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): last year was partially on land or something
[10:55] Xenon Darrow (radon.noble): oooops…I have to run….I will see you all very very soon!!! hugs everyone!
[10:55] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): it would be wonderful if we could have as many of our seaple visiting the sim to meet and greet and just hangout so people can see how lively our community is
[10:55] Peaches2U Camino: take care Xenon
[10:55] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
[10:55] Definitely Not Miranda: I’m sure we will =^-^=
[10:56] Definitely Not Miranda: exciting news!
[10:56] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): I get so much feedback from people in all walks of SL as how friendly and welcoming our aquatic community is, I personally agree, we have a beautitul reputation and I would love to see us all there this year to help keep that reputation alive
[10:56] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:56] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): yesss 😀
[10:56] Definitely Not Miranda: we have one more announcement after this =^-^=
[10:56] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson) shouts: Yay!
[10:57] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit) whispers: I also wanted to quickly share our Mission Statement again for everyone-
[10:57] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): Mission statement: Supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of Second Life. Bringing together designers, retailers, sims , merrow, mermen, mermaids, sirens, cetaceans, cephalopods, other aquatics and lovers of same in an environment that encourages diversity and awareness of RL ecological issues.
[10:57] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[10:57] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): this, my extention, also includes harmony to those who visit our waters in the spirit of exploration and friendship
[10:57] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): past and present
[10:58] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): please remember, the waters are what give us all life, in real life and our second life
[10:58] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit) smiles
[10:58] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): thankyou all!
[10:58] Ohora Sessa (cathy.jackson): Awesome!
[10:58] Peaches2U Camino: woooooooooooot
[10:58] Definitely Not Miranda: thankies for that announcement Echo
[10:58] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit) passes the love-chewed talking stick back to Fina
[10:58] Bloom (lilawillows) claps ecstatically
[10:58] Definitely Not Miranda: our SEVENTH AND FINAL presenter of the day
[10:58] Definitely Not Miranda: lets give it up for… PEACHES!!!!
[10:58] Peaches2U Camino: accepts the talking stick and takes a deeeep breath of water
[10:59] Peaches2U Camino: pc is being a beastie
[10:59] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): ?
[10:59] Peaches2U Camino: not moving while talking today
[10:59] Definitely Not Miranda: okay we have an 8th announcement after Peaches
[10:59] Peaches2U Camino: you look awesomesauce everymer and dragons
[10:59] Definitely Not Miranda: yeah just speak from where you are
[10:59] Peaches2U Camino: 1
[10:59] Peaches2U Camino: Taloha all,

Baka – Sushi Bag

They have creativity and a sense of humor, the item is in a fast food container. Mers are notorious for not having pockets, heres your bag! Possible UIF!


Cravone (81,213,26)

[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: 2
[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: Fab Free Finds
Check out one of the many free gifts at the Engine Room, this one is from Zibska. A Unrigged UIF people!

Can see that quite a few of us made it into the Engine Room event for the newest tail by Aii & Ego.

Engine Room

[11:00] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): lol
[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: Last but not least, the friend wrapped around my head and watching the gathering today…

…Pixel Art -Octopus Vulgaris!

Try the DEMO, it is a TIMED demo. You will feel thoroughly hugged, groped and possibly forced to share your snacks. Color change hud for eyes and bod, at a VERY reasonable price!


GASET (208,186,26)

??????????????????: https://www.instagram.com/sabbathevent.sl/
????????????: https://www.flickr.com/photos/192849221@N06

Thats all yall,

[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: ps Someone said Seaple, I like this word!!!!!
Thank you Echo (jessicarubyrabbit).
[11:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[11:00] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: all on a notecard
[11:00] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): omg seaple..
[11:00] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): WAKE UP SEAPLE
[11:00] Peaches2U Camino: passes stick back
[11:00] Echo (jessicarubyrabbit): XD
[11:01] Cecily Tamagotchi-????ère (cecily.muircastle): lol
[11:01] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Seaple is a good word 😀
[11:01] Definitely Not Miranda: okay real quick… our mystery EIGHTH ANNOUNCEMENT..
[11:01] Definitely Not Miranda: TEMPESTRA, THE FLOOR IS YOURS!!!!
[11:01] ????????? (juicy.cerise): Oh HI eveyrone, Im Tempestra, sorry that I dont know many of you as my RL almost always keeps me out of SL on weekends
[11:02] ????????? (juicy.cerise): But I am the manager of the mer mall and the parcels, and we have one lovely spot available right now, and also many shops
[11:02] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): Only 4 open spots at the moment 😀
[11:02] ????????? (juicy.cerise): so please remember to tell creators about our location here, and shop the SWF Mall , and if you need anything, IM me I will be around as fast as I can!
[11:02] ????????? (juicy.cerise): And during the week, you are sure to catch me, Thats all!
[11:03] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[11:03] F??? ?? (sapphira.franizzi): ***Woot Woot ***
[11:03] Peaches2U Camino: woooooooooooooooooot
[11:03] Definitely Not Miranda: we are overrunning very slightly (could be worse I guess) so thankies Tempestra
[11:03] Peaches2U Camino: Yesah
[11:03] Definitely Not Miranda: I’ll just do a quick adjourn
[11:03] ?????? ??s???? (neve.nebula): HOPEY <3
[11:03] Definitely Not Miranda: make sure to visit the website at swfsl.com
[11:03] ..????? ??? ???s?????.. (xxmysticangelxx): lol got spotted xD
[11:03] ..????? ??? ???s?????.. (xxmysticangelxx): ?
[11:03] Definitely Not Miranda: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them
    [11:03] Definitely Not Miranda: hewwos hopey
    [11:03] ? Matticus Marinea ? (matticus.blinker): H O P E Y
    [11:04] Definitely Not Miranda: aaaaaaaand that’s a wrap! thankies everyone for coming today
    [11:04] Definitely Not Miranda: TIME FOR C H A O S!!
    [11:04] Hazel (dolly.waifu) claps!
    [11:04] Kai (elayn.khaos): Thank you all!
    [11:04] Hazel (dolly.waifu): Lusa em, everyone! So great to see such a turnout!
    [11:05] Bloom (lilawillows): What an awesome meeting! Thanks again for all you shared! ?