041 SWF Gathering 4 March 2023

[10:07 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Welcome to Safe Waters Foundation weekly aquatic support gathering. My name is Miranda. I will be leading today’s meeting.

Welcome new and old aquatics and friends!
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Safe waters foundation (SWF) is a not-for-profit group supporting the development of harmony and safety for merfolk and aquatics of second life, we bring together designers, retailers, sims, merrow, mermen, mermaids, siren, aquatics and lovers of same.
[10:08 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: People seem to arrive late and depart early. Please don’t be offended but as leader I will try to keep the meeting going. We don’t repeat things for latecomers – a log is posted on our blog after the meeting. This is not a place for public debate – this is a helpful place. we all help each other slive an aquatic lifestyle.
[10:09 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Because we usually have good attendance – please take a moment to remove all extra attachments and huds. We’d like you to dress low lag. Big poofy hair and jewelry are big culprits, as are bubbles, script things, huds, and such. If we all cooperate, more merfolk can participate with less crashing. Thank you for your help with this.
[10:10 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): tala Ohora:
[10:10 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:10 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: so how was every one’s week?
[10:10 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi) nibbles Peaches’s feet
[10:11 AM] adimay Resident: was good this way hopefully the same for u
[10:11 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): mine was pretty okay. rotten weather this couple weeks
[10:11 AM] Ohora Sessa (Cathy Jackson): It was good
[10:11 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: not too bad. had a computer upgrade finally but still getting used to win 10
[10:12 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): keeps raining
[10:12 AM] Peaches2U Camino: mine needs a upgrade
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: i really liked the search functions of win 7 to be honest
[10:12 AM] Peaches2U Camino: ikr
[10:12 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oof how old is yours?
[10:12 AM] Peaches2U Camino: four or five
[10:12 AM] Peaches2U Camino: but it is a laptop
[10:12 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): oh I’ve been on win10 for a while
[10:13 AM] Peaches2U Camino: not as strong as the tower i had
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: you can just type what you want in the search and they all come up
[10:13 AM] adimay Resident: lol
[10:13 AM] Peaches2U Camino: mine is trying, lolol
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: win 10 it scours the froggin’ internet
[10:13 AM] Peaches2U Camino: i refuse
[10:13 AM] adimay Resident: i didnt know u could still use 7
[10:13 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: my animation file is not on the internet
[10:14 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): you can still use windows 95
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: kinda… its not backed up it’s sorta use at your own risk
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh
[10:14 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I better get us on track lol
[10:15 AM] adimay Resident: get the whip out
[10:15 AM] adimay Resident: lol
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: any one brought a new person? check your purses
[10:15 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hi Hiroko
[10:16 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): hi, I’m Fina. I’m a cat
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: lol
[10:16 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): oh RL calls me
[10:16 AM] Marion Sopwith (Marion698 Resident): lusa em:)
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: lusa em
[10:16 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): tc Marion
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: alright no new folk today
[10:16 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): I likes pettings and shrimpies
[10:16 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yes pet the cat for good luck
[10:16 AM] Peaches2U Camino: lolol
[10:17 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:17 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: let’s swim on to tech support
[10:17 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Questions and support requests
Now – what general questions can we discuss here today? Where do our aquatics need help? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[10:17 AM] adimay Resident: we have a boat apove us we could all go jump in there boat and scare the crap out of em
[10:17 AM] adimay Resident: lol
[10:18 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: no scaring people today thank you
[10:18 AM] adimay Resident: lol
[10:18 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: maybe next week
[10:18 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ?????? ????
[10:18 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: hi all
[10:18 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hello
10:18 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): no scare me today
[10:18 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: are you new? would you like to introduce your self?
[10:18 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ??
[10:18 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: I?
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: aye
10:19 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): Hello
[10:19 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ? ????? ??? ?? ????
[10:19 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: I haven’t been here for a long time
10:19 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): I’m Brown
[10:19 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): oo we has boat peoples
[10:19 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ?????? ? ??? ????
[10:19 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: I used to live here
[10:19 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: welcome back
10:19 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): Joshua is just so my boat doesn’t go bye bye
[10:19 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ???????
[10:19 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: Thank you
[10:19 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ??? ????? ????? ??????
[10:19 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: this place has changed
10:19 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): I’m exploring never really had much success on the water
[10:20 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): yeah, we did a big remodel some months back
10:20 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): getting better at it though 🙂
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay we are at the point were we are asking if any one needs help with stuff
[10:20 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: do you have a pressing question on your mind?
10:21 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): I didn’t know there were underwater cities
[10:21 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): I needs shrimpies
[10:21 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): you’re in luck, Brown, you stumbled onto our weekly merfolk meeting, Saturdays 10am
10:21 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): my friend told me about them 2 days ago and stumbled upon yours today
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yeah some mers are very sociable
[10:21 AM] Miranda Barrowstone gives Fina a shrimp wrap
10:22 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): Well good luck it is
[10:22 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): today’s gathering is considered small, usually there’s a lot more of us
[10:22 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ? thats awesome
10:22 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): Nice to chat with you all, I spend a great deal of my time alone
[10:22 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): you can come down if you want
10:22 AM: Brown Azucar (mandyazucar): Is there a dress code?
[10:22 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): nopes
[10:22 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): most of us are merfolk, but it’s not mandatory
[10:23 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: well try to stay for the whole meeting you may find a lot of places to visit
[10:23 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): meeting runs from 10-11am, if you’ve nothing to do come on down!
[10:23 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hello
[10:23 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): hi Midnight
[10:23 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): puRrrRrRrrrrRrr
[10:24 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): Hello
[10:24 AM] adimay Resident: hello and welcome
[10:24 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): sorry no shoes 🙂
[10:24 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): oh wow lovely
[10:24 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): no shoes are better, no one likes wet shoes
[10:24 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): Thanks for letting me visit
[10:24 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: of course all are welcome
[10:25 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ??? ????? ????????? ????? ? ??????
[10:25 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: can you find people and furries here?
[10:25 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): absolutely
[10:25 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): we have a merbird and a merbunny
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yeah
[10:25 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ???????? ??? ??? ?????????? ??????? ?? ???? ????????
[10:25 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: sorry for inviting you to your meeting without permission
[10:25 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ???????!
[10:25 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we’re very diverse
[10:25 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: Thank you!
[10:25 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): I’m a mercat but today I came late so I just kept my normal cat avi
[10:25 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): Must be great gliding through the water with the fisheez
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it happens. I’m always a mer so I don’t have to worry
[10:26 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): I wish I could swim like that
[10:26 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): Do I have to have fins?
[10:26 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): HeHeHeHeHeHe
[10:26 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay we’re slightly out of order today but hey chaos is fun.
[10:26 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): you have to have an AO
[10:27 AM] Peaches2U Camino: nope^^
[10:27 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): oh, I have a swimmer, but it doesn’t do that
[10:27 AM] Peaches2U Camino: i have legs on
[10:27 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I have an ao I think I can share but its very basic
[10:27 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I’ve been lazy about animations
[10:27 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): oh
[10:27 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): we should tell them about the free mer tail
[10:27 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): we have a free (mesh) mer tail here at SWF
[10:27 AM] Peaches2U Camino: yup
[10:28 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): can show you after we adjourn
[10:28 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): oh nice, I don’t need anything fancy, kust being able to glide is awesome
[10:28 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): ok I will be quiet and listen 🙂
[10:28 AM] adimay Resident: there are some wicked nice spots to visit under water
[10:29 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): 🙂 can’t wait to visit them :)… kk back to being quiet
[10:29 AM] adimay Resident: smiles
[10:29 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: shoot… I’ll have to log my main on
[10:29 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): today few people in attendance, so meeting getting derailed is a bit more forgiving
[10:29 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: she has the animations
[10:30 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): you all are finally rezzed…so pretty
[10:30 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: a tad but I do need to get to promotions before 10:40
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay i’ll log my main in while Ohora is speaking any one wish to share now is a great time to im me
[10:31 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Quick reminders/announcements

Ad boards are awesome because they can help newer merfolk and aquatics find places to swim. If you need mer traffic, please consider renting an ad board.
[10:32 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Perks include helping the group and being allowed to post ads in the group chat twice a day. Add in the fact that anyone can ask for the stick and that is great exposure.
[10:32 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: You might also consider being a hang out.

Please also check our mer-mall just past the headquarters. space available and lots of great things.
[10:32 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Be sure to visit the safe waters foundation web site and event calendar at https://swfsl.com/
[10:32 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and now…
Public service announcements
Now we allow a limited time for publicity. Who has something fun to share? A store, new sim, event, or news? If you wish to share here – please im me so that I can call on you.
[10:33 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: When you are called on (and given our invisible talking stick) please swim up to this podium (so people can see you to im if needed) and share (very briefly and preferable in two or three sentences typed in advance as our meeting time is limited)
[10:33 AM] adimay Resident: pulls fina’s tail
[10:33 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi) nibbles adimay’s tail
[10:33 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: you would like do a little aquatic public announcement – please im me now and I will let you know when it is your turn
[10:34 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): I see the ones who usually have announcements don’t seem to be here
[10:35 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: O’hora needs a few minutes so I’ll share about little scallywags
[10:35 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): :-.,,.-:’'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'‘*
[10:36 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it’s a shop run by my mai.. er i mean cousin that makes things for both pirate and mer kids and their families
[10:36 AM] ????? ????? (VrednyaschkA Resident): ???? ??????? ????!
[10:36 AM] VrednyaschkA ru>en: good game everyone!
[10:36 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:36 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: things like the mer kid tag a long or the family migration system
[10:36 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): 🙂
[10:36 AM] Peaches2U Camino: 😀
[10:37 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: a swimmer that lets you pull your family along
[10:37 AM] Peaches2U Camino: Awwww ª
[10:37 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we also have beds and toys
[10:38 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: for the childfree we have a couples hand hold. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Bexar/192/127/1
[10:38 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay O’hora?
[10:38 AM] Peaches2U Camino: Awwww ª_ª
[10:39 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay any questions?
[10:39 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Waves fin
[10:39 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hiro
[10:39 AM] Peaches2U Camino: waves back^^
[10:39 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Miranda?..is the swimmer thingy avail on Marketplace too?
[10:40 AM] Ohora Sessa (Cathy Jackson): I’m sorry working on it
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh yes ?
[10:40 AM] Peaches2U Camino: too cool!
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: that’s the best place to sell it
[10:40 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: sounds wonderful…gots to keep the little mermaids in order…lol
[10:40 AM] Peaches2U Camino: hahaah
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have lots of great things in mp
[10:40 AM] Ohora Sessa (Cathy Jackson): almost done
[10:40 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh good lol
[10:41 AM] adimay Resident: whats it under in mp miranda
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hrm… may I should make a swimmer for teachers to keep a preschool together
[10:42 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: li’ll scallywags
[10:43 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: its funny when you see kids on a school trip holding hands
[10:44 AM] Peaches2U Camino: have always wanted a bus, for a school of merkids
[10:44 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: The MerBus!…lol
[10:44 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh like aley’s jittney sub
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: since I can’t make it a guided tour maybe I should just put the sub scripts in it
[10:45 AM] Peaches2U Camino: yus, Miranda…did that on a field trip…was a teen and joined the hands with the little seven year olds
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: awwww
[10:45 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: little Ferris Buler
[10:45 AM] adimay Resident: oh neat u have a hand holder for mer swimmers neat
[10:45 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: i have Passenger Sub that sits 12 i take foru nderwater tours…but made for leggers…:)
[10:46 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ? it makes it wicked easier
[10:46 AM] Peaches2U Camino: can you imagine that in goldfish color with some fins
[10:46 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: but slow down at sim crossings
[10:46 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Yes, like the Partridge Family for Mermaids
[10:46 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: sl hasn’t fixed that yet
[10:47 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay give a hand to Ohora
[10:47 AM] Peaches2U Camino: wooooooooooooot
[10:47 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Claps her Fins
[10:47 AM] Ohora Sessa (Cathy Jackson): Nervously grips the talking stick in sweaty palms as she moves to the podium. The stick seems to have been chewed on but seems otherwise sound.

Yala everyone!

Usually on Wednesdays I, Ohora Sessa, would lead the Weekly Wander at 4:30 pm I would guide explorers to interesting aquatic destinations in our fascinating watery world. However, things will be a little different this week. I will still meet with you Wednesday at 4:30 pm to take you to our destination. We will be going to a sim owned by OCWA, which stands for Ocean Care World Alliance. It is a nonprofit organization that teaches people about marine life and the impact humans have on it. We will have a tour there at Experience the Ocean and I will be following the tour with you. Lusa em!


Passes the talking stick back.
[10:48 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:49 AM] Ohora Sessa (Cathy Jackson): I’m sorry it took so long
[10:49 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): no worries, thanks 🙂
[10:50 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: it’s okay ? you do your best
[10:51 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: okay we got time for antiquity
[10:51 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: I’ll go fast..
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Tala I’m Miranda and I come from Antiquity.
we have 16 sims to swim through, homes available, shopping spaces, mer spots, and active groups.
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: We are totally inclusive, kids, mers, furs, landers all welcome.
LGBT+ friendly, we even allow for mer toplessness under water.
[10:52 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): 🙂
[10:52 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: Just don’t flash the humans cause they faint.
[10:52 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): 🙂
[10:52 AM] adimay Resident: lol
[10:53 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: nosebleeds attract sharks, shark attacks is more paper work for dad…
[10:53 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: not fun
[10:53 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: we have a system called TCS. its a craft/trade/rp system that allows you to trade goods with other mers or landers. You can harvest and create things.
[10:54 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): ooohh 🙂
[10:54 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: and I’m so flippin’ happy the mer stuff is coming out. after calling my self a liar for a year and a half
[10:55 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: but the boss gets busy, scripters get married…
[10:55 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): Ooh…
[10:55 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: not even kidding we’re looking at a wedding soon
[10:55 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): :-.,_,.-:'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'‘*
[10:55 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): who and who, might I ask?
[10:55 AM] Peaches2U Camino: WOOOOOOOT
[10:55 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: So if you have any questions, or need lms please shoot me an im. Persu em 🙂
[10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: any other shares?
[10:56 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): nice…
[10:56 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi) meows for shrimpies
[10:56 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: one of the scripters of the system… I cannot pronouce the name
[10:56 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch!!
[10:57 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: peaches swim on down
[10:57 AM] F??? ?? (Sapphira Franizzi): ~YAY!!! \ (@o@)/ / YAY!!!~
[10:57 AM] Brown Azucar (MandyAzucar Resident): I had no idea there was such an active community underwater
[10:57 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: J’doube something…
[10:57 AM] Peaches2U Camino: Tala!
[10:57 AM] Peaches2U Camino: yall
[10:57 AM] Peaches2U Camino: happy to see you guys
[10:57 AM] Peaches2U Camino: reallllly happy
[10:57 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ? we’ve been building it for over a decade
[10:58 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hyey peaches hug
[10:58 AM] Peaches2U Camino: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160267020@N04/52722105125/in/dateposted/
[10:58 AM] Peaches2U Camino: owner of Free Dove has passed away over a month ago
[10:58 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oooh
[10:59 AM] Peaches2U Camino: please visit while it still stands
[10:59 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: ahhhh 🙁
[10:59 AM] Peaches2U Camino: there are measures to keep it going
[10:59 AM] Peaches2U Camino: but no idea how long that can happen
[10:59 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: yeah thats difficult
[10:59 AM] Hiroko Nubalo: Peaches? so sad..you going to place a Memorial here at SWF?
[11:00 AM] Peaches2U Camino: also the owner of the largest and longest lasting texture shop, Timeless Textures has passed away over a week ago
[11:00 AM] Peaches2U Camino: ugh
[11:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: oh
[11:00 AM] Peaches2U Camino: and now i have a white screen
[11:00 AM] Peaches2U Camino: hugs you guys
[11:00 AM] Peaches2U Camino: no idea if you can see this or not
[11:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: hugs back
[11:00 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: i see it
[11:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: if she can get back on I’ll post it to her
[11:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: time to wrap this up
[11:01 AM] Miranda Barrowstone: This meeting is now adjourned. Remember our SWF goals:

  • to assist those considering an underwater life
  • to increase awareness in the general public that there is an underwater option
  • to make mer resources (events, projects, groups, retailers, sims, designers) visible and easily accessible
  • to assist, as possible, with the viability of mer resources so they may continue to be available to the community
  • to promote the conservation of rl oceans, lakes and waterways and the nature that relies on them

Now go mingle and explore! Thanks for joining us this day!!